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Angels and Virgins

L' Annonciation, 1644, peinture de Philippe de...

Come play with us Angels sometime,
As God’s wonders treat us to an awesome time,
Whilst earthlings are ignorantly declaring,
Babbling about KNOWING that heaven is boring.

Then the Father summoned Gabriel telepathically,
“A top-secret mission.” He told him emphatically.
Can’t divulge the details on wordpress.com;
Neither will any get it on google.com.

With Jesus’ joy in our hearts
We rode off in gliding carts,
All the while making merry
On our way to meet Teri.

We had a dialogue her at the synagogue:
“Sirs, I only had sex with a mere dog;
Surely you can overlook that.” she was saying.
We weren’t waiting to indulge her braying!

We RAN across Lori in a shocking marvel.
Our eyes shall not see evil.
For our Lori most awesome
Was deeply engaged in a threesome!

We argued with Kari at the temple.
Her knowledge of philosophy and logic was ample.
“Sirs, hymen intact, who says my giving a “blow job” is wrong?”
We answered her from our escaping wagon!

“Boy!” Gabriel did exclaim, “Man is sadly lame –
Insisting that legal or acceptable and right are the same,
When Creator-God already defined right and holy
And made His truth available to all freely.”

We picked Mary away from the market,
Where she was feeding her monkey from her basket,
Whilst giving the teenagers sex education,
Though she herself had never been involved in fornication.

Top-secret mission accomplished at long last,
We settled down to having a blast:
Earthquakes, as our rocky missiles sent demons reeling,
And we set ablaze their asses with bolts of lightning!

Epilogue (THE BIRTH OF JESUS) : And Mary the true virgin became pregnant with an unusual child, uncontaminated with the fallen nature of man. At the fullness of time, she was delivered –yours truly being the Doctor-in-attendance –of a bouncing baby boy Jesus.

Spoiler-alert! The word “blow job” did not exist then.