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How best to fall

The best way to fall
From a height
Is to fall

You don’t know what’s there below.
If it’s something good, then you will receive a happy surprise.
If it’s something evil, then you will suffer by seeing ahead the danger you are inevitably falling into.

So, whether it’s into an abyss of faith, of love, or off the edge of a cliff,

Turn your back away from the emptiness below;

Step off with your right and stronger leg –
So you will find it hard to regain balance with your weaker left leg, IF you change your mind sometime later;

Then step off deliberately and calculatedly and cautiously with your left leg,
Because if you step off carelessly, you may fall haphazardly and bruise yourself painfully against the rough slopy side of the height as you go down.

Fall away backward
To what awaits you there.

Face it! You can’t help yourself much when faced with your hormones and love,
Or with the oustmarting evil of the human nature and the dark world
Or with the power of overwhelming love and life of the Christ’s realm.

Why not fall backwards???