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Deepest Desires

Erythrocebus patas in San Francisco Zoo

Two days later…
Enchanted Primate (in a calm mood): Bro, do you know the first thoughts that came to your mind after your birth?
Enchanted Writer (slightly puzzled, but also a bit light-hearted from the evening breeze): Uh, I do not know for sure.

Enchanted Primate (in a calm mood): Bro, what of your very last thoughts before passing out in sleep last night?

Enchanted Writer (appeared lost in thought for a while, brows furrowed, right hand supporting chin): Err, bro, the thoughts became fuzzy as sleep grazed in, but I remember thinking about how delicious dinner was.

Enchanted Primate (in a solemn mood): Bro, two nights ago as you were gathering sticks for the fire to roast the termites for our dinner, you accidentally tampered with a mamba’s tail. What were your last thoughts as the mamba about sank its fangs into your nose, before I knocked it off your face?

Enchanted Writer (chest heaving, eyes unblinking, left hand supporting chin): Hmm, I thought about how I was going to miss the fat termites waiting to be roasted for dinner. And I should say thanks again for saving my head there.

Enchanted Primate (nods in acknowledgement of the writer’s gratitude): One of your own species, a Great One I heard, once said that: your deepest thoughts and mind’s preoccupation will be on what/where you consider most important. Your heart is where your treasure is.
What do you make of that?

Then the monkey lets go of the branch he was holding onto, leaps jauntily along the shore to the other side where the party animals are raving, leaving the writer sitting on the branch of their tree house,
Looking steadily out at the beachy summer-sunsetty horizon,
Head tilted to the right,
Chin supported by the right hand,
Breathing slightly heavily,
Obviously lost in thought.
Whilst the monkey raves on with the rest of the animals,
On the other side of the shore.
And happy termites swarm the dusky space.