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Moments I felt high. Err... I'd be the one on the left, both feet in the air.

Moments I felt high. Err… I’d be the one on the left, both feet in the air.

This is all I am taking with me

Memories of euphoria fade faster than the actual moments
Songs of wondrous events soon become bland cackles
Sometimes my strengths don’t weigh a gram
Sometimes my word prowess can’t buy anyone a smile

This is all I am taking with me

Sun MAY rise tomorrow in this part of the world
I MAY find another soul to share thoughts with
I MAY enjoy another wonder tonight
This ‘high’ moment of writing MAY linger

None MAY remain with me

Sift me through good and bad times
No part of me remains there
No memories or scars
I just am, with all I am

All I have is this

I only change within
I only change from within
A tear, a hum, a hope, and a faith
Are all I am taking with me

And all that’s essential to my being


Peter Pan’s Cry -Remain unchanged, secure…

English: 2010 Mavericks surfing competition. T...

Seasons come, seasons go;
Time runs helter-skelter;
I stay the same.

People stay, people leave;
We keep some and lose others;
I stay the same.

Hardship comes, hardship goes;
The winds of change blow hard against my skin;
Yet I don’t budge.

I do not grow older;
I do not grow wiser;
Nothing it takes to change me.

Devoid of innocence of childhood;
Avoiding the throes of growing up;
Permit me remain like this.

Let me enjoy the pretentious ignorance;
Let me stay calm and aloof;
Let me stay safe.

Let me be immune from pain and joy;
As one who feels and knows nothing;
As one who doesn’t exist in this realm.

P.S.: I am not on drugs.
(And I do not practice psychedelic art.)
I only write as one who wants a drama-free life!
Hope I am not living an illusion.