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Mad City Poet Meets Humans’ Mad Side 1

The Secret Cave, Enshrouded in Roots


The blind man strolling in the lion’s homely jungle ;
The deaf man dancing to the rhythm of music;
The dumb man auditioning at an opera;
The lame man on the tracks with a cheetah.
Only one other creature boasts louder than humans.

They take dangerous issues lightly.
They want to be seen happy and leading great lives.
They speak falsely authoritatively on things beyond them.
They are passionate about being in control and all-able.
They are so proud they refuse to admit to being so.

My father got sick of them,
And went off into the forest.
After my father prepared them the afrodisiac,
To keep them on heat for as long,
They naturally indulged in indiscriminate use.

What they did not bank on happening
Was the heat burning them out.
They waxed old way prematurely, their vitality burnt out;
Realizing late, that nothing in this realm promises AND delivers –

A life of sizzling vitality, tasty euphoria and rich values.
All in a course of meal!

Rain And The Mad Poet

Fly in the rain

raining sheets

The rain pours on mercilessly
Without regard for the tears it causes.
See souls forging on fearlessly
Without regard for the path it courses.

New hope is born
After the storm
Though houses are torn
Lives will take form

In the rain
The floodlights still shine;
As it washes down the drain
The partybreeds still dine.

See the rain flooding a merry rave.
See the ravers merrying in the bloody rain.
The rivers flood houses without hesitancy,
As men shiver with the chills of ecstasy.

The mad city poet is out,
Basking in this haze of the rain.
His brain is cut out,
Soaking in these lessons of the rain.