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Peter Pan’s Cry -Remain unchanged, secure…

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Seasons come, seasons go;
Time runs helter-skelter;
I stay the same.

People stay, people leave;
We keep some and lose others;
I stay the same.

Hardship comes, hardship goes;
The winds of change blow hard against my skin;
Yet I don’t budge.

I do not grow older;
I do not grow wiser;
Nothing it takes to change me.

Devoid of innocence of childhood;
Avoiding the throes of growing up;
Permit me remain like this.

Let me enjoy the pretentious ignorance;
Let me stay calm and aloof;
Let me stay safe.

Let me be immune from pain and joy;
As one who feels and knows nothing;
As one who doesn’t exist in this realm.

P.S.: I am not on drugs.
(And I do not practice psychedelic art.)
I only write as one who wants a drama-free life!
Hope I am not living an illusion.