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The shift

source: medium.com

We interrupt our usual semi-disorganized artistic-poetic transmission in order to briefly appreciate mankind’s efforts so far:

We existed

We populated

Then, to address the problem of overcrowding, we killed

The population shrank

Then we pushed another government agenda to encourage population.


We started religion

Religion led to horrors

Then we went on anti-religion campaign to eliminate religion

When we became bored, and horrors still happened

We invented ‘cooler’ ways of trying to find some meaning and answers

We just ran short of calling them religion.


We knew deity

We called him wicked, selfish and proud

Then we went on anti-god rampage to stamp the name out of the planet

Man then took on the name of god and idols

Man is wicked, selfish and proud

Now we just may need another point of reference outside of ourselves.


We made laws

Laws became constrictive, made things ‘black and white’

We eliminated the concept because we adored the sixty shades of greys of (im)morality

Our inner lawlessness turned all the greys into darkness

Now we scatter everywhere seeking some order.


We knew emotions

Feelings made us ‘weak and illogical’

We made of ourselves androids

The perfect hellish paradise every post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie depicts

Cold reason gave us the building and construct

But devoid of the beauty and meaning

We then dared to ‘crave’ a ‘higher sense of purpose’

Short of calling ourselves MERELY HUMAN AFTER ALL!



These observations have we the learned ones –scribes and Pharisees –made. We then went for a consultation with the Wise One. He merely smiled at us smugly, logged on as an admin to www.bible.com on the Deep Net for those who dabble into truth and mysteries, and entered the query: “matthew9v16to17” which yielded: “No one puts a piece of new cloth onto an old garment; for that which is put in to fill it up takes from the garment, and the tear is made worse. Nor do men put new wine into old wineskins; else the wineskins burst, and the wine runs out, and the wineskins perish. But they put new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved together.”

We actually developed an acute headache from the irritation. Is he kidding us? We should, what, scatter the whole structure and start building from the scratch? We all know this sounds very useful in principle. But, how do we, where do we even begin to go from? What do we do in the meantime? Why shouldn’t we just run things on the side by patching? Management-by-crisis. But how do we then make that clean switch to the new? Do we just abandon the planet, take a recess like those lazy monks to the wilderness so we can start at the primordium of life, meaning and sanity? What will happen to the world in the meantime?

We grabbed the so-called Wise One by the chin, and just out of pure irritation, smacked him up in the head, spat on him, and thoroughly trashed his laptop.

Then we went back to our city. We patted ourselves on the back. “We sure showed him, didn’t we?” “Who’s really wise now?”


walked away

I am gone and out so don’t
Gaze at my disappearing silhouette
Smell my fragrant bed sheet
Wait for my returning shadow

May spend years building the house but I
Painfully exit at slightest call
Don’t longingly return at night
Never willfully return to same place

Because once I obsess it
Tirelessly tears me out
Radically redefines my existence
Shamelessly makes me a full-blooded vagrant

Count yourself special if I
Remember to say goodbye to you
Take the pains to warn you in this writing
Send a postcard from any phase of my life

You don’t know or remember me by the moments
Noisy in grooving parties or hearty laughs
Nostalgic over wine with movies, music or poetry
Peaceful around music and dead midnights

And I most certainly did not
Make myself this wild way
Look in my wardrobe one morning and
Pick out this personality to put on

Welcome me with half a heart when you see me
Handle me with one arm whilst I’m around
Smile with your lip through the moments we share
Kiss goodbye with a one-eyed tear drop when I leave


BACKGROUND: This appears to be another tribute to the outcast. It is about relationships and human interaction and loss. I am a scientist still being amused and amazed by the concept of human interaction. Its biological basis alone is something to sit at dinner with.
I should add here that the CLOSER you get to people –just anybody –the more of their uniqueness you get to see and appreciate; and this MAY affect how you’d react to their absence.
No, this is not a tribute to me; but if you feel you must make yourself believe it to be, well I can’t quite help you on that I am afraid.

PS. A few weeks after writing this, Trent of http://www.trentlewin.com whom I met here was planning to make a next step in his writing career and I felt honoured he thought to share his itinerary with me. I would be further humbled if he should remember to send me a postcard from the place he eventually gets to.

For Some Wor(d)(th)y Friends.

Night by the river

Night by the river (Photo credit: monkeyc.net)

It is a night like any other
Same thing happening every night
Like the creepy night spent lewin invaded Rod Bayne’s house
Like the Christmas night mad 1earthnow had a drinking binge
Like the scary night denting dnobrien was visited by the huntsman spider
Like the famous night chicken charron laid her golden (book publishing) egg
Like the wistful night shards of souls knelt with the fallen leaves dreaming of the summer sun
Like the sorrowful night unfettered wordshit sat alone with two empty chairs and tattered journal
Like the comic night drool of stupid cried over the only award he would never have soiled –Stupid Award

This night again, the Enchanted Writer approaches the throne of the Creator-God
To petition for the souls of men, that they may live full lives, not lacking the best things in life
That Lewin may not lose his soul –err…coat
That Maddy may lead a sober yet happy life
That Dennis may dwell in security
That Charron may lead a truly rich life
That Shards, unbroken, may shine your light
That Audra may enjoy the fullness of your love
That Stupid may not spit on your free gifts and goodness

P.S.: For some (NOT ALL) of my lovely friends made in 2012 – http://www.trentlewin.com , http://www.1earthnow.wordpress.com , http://www.dnobrienpoetry.wordpress.com , http://www.charronschatter.com , http://www.shardsofdubois.wordpress.com , http://www.unfetteredbs.com , http://www.ruleofstupid.wordpress.com
Panda, I am sorry I don’t know your real name. Please, note that calling you “Stupid” was not in any way an attempt at derogation or retaliation for my award you soiled.

The Enchanted Writer’s Muse

English: Sunset at Porto Covo, west coast of P...

The definition of muse I am concerned about, of the different ones provided by the online dictionary, is:
(n.) the source of inspiration for an artist.
Tips: The Muses of Greek mythology
were nine goddesses who presided
over and protected the arts and
sciences and who were said to inspire
poets and artists. You may still hear
people today refer to someone as
their muse, because they inspired
them and galvanized them to
Artists’ muses vary widely from human beings (especially someone the artist shares a bond with) to animals, to non-living things (including the controversial ‘psychedelic art’ which involves inspiration in altered states induced by psychoactive drugs or alcohol usually); and some artists only need an element of thought or feeling, not attached to anyone or thing in particular, e.g., a mood swing (hehehe!).
Whilst I also have a huge reservoir of muses (humans, animals, plants, sunsets, sunrise, etc), I belong among that last category needing only an element of thought or emotion and “I’m off!” But I don’t write mostly to “relieve stress or pain”.
Now, there are times -and these are MANY -when I look at the supernatural aspect of life and existence. Now, Dear Reader, make no mistake about my being a scientist who indeed loves the scientific method and proof. In fact, this has made it easier to acknowledge the existence and the reality of the unseen world, beating visibly under the thin skin of this world. From events in the outside world all around, to the forces resident in our human nature, I do not find it hard acknowledging the proof of the supernatural. And, before long the Spirit within me tickles my thoughts and I am lost, obsessing over the wondrous reality and pull of the supernatural. In this altered state of mine, I feel genuinely lost. I feel on fire, literally. I have never successfully written out all my thoughts before. Whatever is close by I grab -phone, jotter, laptop. And my fingers get to working feverishly. And then it’s done.

I know different artists experience their “highs” or “busts” differently; and with different muses (sources of inspiration) too. It’s an amazing experience I GUESS. I welcome anyone who has it differently or better than I do. I am quite open to learn.
(Smile + Wink+ Bow)
Thank you.

First Writing Day-Off: Cool Posts I Stumbled Upon

I decided to give a little bit more time to reading from fellow bloggers over the past 24 hours. I ran across the Poetry section; and found that good poetry still is alive!

Even if you are not one for personal rants/journals, you will be hooked onto this descriptive-expressive style as the writer mixes some cynicism with humour. And it was a real experience.

This is a refreshing deviation from many boring haikus.
How could you laugh at such a touching story of a suffering snake? I did! The writer made me!

I could have written a review; but this cool piece is this short: “KERPLUNK



went the


into my heart


my love

are worse

than heroin”

Who says you can’t get a tearingly awesome space-shoot when you need one! I’d definitely vote for this lovely photo over the harsh-sweet poem about love. All in one post!

And this blogger has got some really good posts. But, this short one speaks for itself:
“in poetry, as in law,
we never mention clearly
that which we clearly mention.”