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who knows when

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Guns 001

Guns 001 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who knows when the rain stops?
After the seeds have had just enough to grow and bring life to the earth?
Or after the flood wrecks properties and lives, that even none remains to know when it ends?

Who knows when the clock stops ticking?
After we die peacefully and leave this realm of “space and time”?
Or when it mechanically malfunctions and is condemned beyond repair?

Who knows when reading stops?
When we come to the knowledge of The Truth?
Or when we grow sick of seeking truth and/or think we know it all?

Who knows when the gun stops firing?
When man learns peace?
Or when all humanity has been forcefully laid to rest-in-peace?

Who knows when the long road ends?
Does it break at my hometown I have sought for long?
Or, at a homely cottage with a friendly psychopath-and-serial killer to welcome me?

P.S.: Who knows when the enchanted writer stops writing?
When all humanity has heard the message and learnt?
Or when he loses sight of the message and wanders off the path?

Do you know?

Thank you.

Nature And Man’s Nature/Life.

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Toronto after a rain storm.

Let me wake with the bright golden sun
The hope and heat which it has
The vigour and charity with which it shines
The life and warmth which it bestows

Let me drift with the light invisible breeze
The freedom and strength which it has
The carefreeness and light-footedness with which it blows
The calmness and happiness which it gives

Let me fall with the chaotic clear rainstorm
The heaviness and force which it has
The despair and determination with which it falls
The gloom and life which it brings

Let me rest with the soothing silvery moon
The fortitude and glow which it has
The passivity and goodness with which it glows
The laziness and peace which it imparts

P.S.: The focus is primarily not on me (my character), i.e., the “Let me”s are not exactly a prayer about how I should be.
The focus is on the personality of those objects –sun, breeze, rainstorm, and moon.
Then, the secondary focus gets back to man, as possessing those four personality/life attributes/situations (one attribute package for each stanza.)