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The 10th Mat lecture note consisting of 42 slides given by the Head of Department to the Dove Agents in the year 31 AD. Corey Red and Precise softly jamming “Representing” in the background as the lecture slideshow begins.

From street to school

Don’t be rude under my rule

Wisdom lies in my long cane

Feel the pain and reap the gain

If you come hungry and humble

I’ll be so open you won’t grumble

Leave religious and moral biases behind

And I’ll be sure to blow your mind



A pair is fair

Partner up don’t fear

Hit the armory

Be skilled in weaponry

Don’t dillydally or sway

You’ll live the assassin’s way

Penetrate both industry and street

Smart, efficient and discreet

Mix with civil servants and thugs

Bump fists, shake hands, and give hugs

But don’t live like they do

You’re just passing through

Strike with the gospel of peace

Save lives without charging fees

Make tested faith your bulletproof

‘Spiritual’ doesn’t mean ‘without proof’

Stuff up critically on the word

Wield scriptures with logic like a ninja sword

This is beyond martial arts

You’ll be fighting the dark arts

Your war in earth’s dangerous parts

Against internal and national corruption starts

But it will take its toll

You can check the poll

A pair is fair

The Spirit in you ain’t for fear

He’ll give you intel keeping you updated

When tortured don’t be intimidated

He is only baiting the enemy

And will sure wreck the tyranny

Hit the principalities

Enslaving the communities

The thug or homosexual ain’t hostile target

It’s that Lucifer who needs the bullet

And soon as mission’s done

The Spirit handles your extraction

The lecture ended to the song “I don’t pack a ‘matic” by S.O. the Kid; and the Dove Agents flew out, easy and unpredictable as the wind, sharp and fierce like fire.

Of music and dance and torture

They are there again, just like they were yesterday.


As if that was all that mattered. Wonder when that’d be me! *sigh* (Oh, please just don’t die from your fall to the ground.) (Source: online, unknown)


See, my day has been just good

I manage to make a living and don’t complain

But these guys just want to make me cry

I have never done anything to hurt them

I patiently wait for a snake-child to cross

If ever our paths crossed

And I definitely never hurt fleas

But they do not let me be

They know what time I pass by every evening

On my way back from work

They see me lost in thought in some part of my mind

And with the other part looking all around me critically appraising my environment

Looking for new stimulation and absorbing the world around me

They see me all the while nodding my headphone-padded head to some beat

So they settle at that same spot, right on scene

Working up the steam on their acts and arts

Up to that moment when I walk by

They start with regular beats and moves

They know I never miss the wicked musical gears and sound system

They know I notice their eternally killing matching sleek black outfits

They know I am not be able to stop them

They then work their ways up

Throwing in increasingly complicated moves

With recklessness, as if he did not care about living till the next day..

With recklessness, as if he did not care about living till the next day..

Moves they don’t care that it will take aeons for me to learn

The choreographer stands near the mouth of the formation

Not part of the dance because he apparently has a higher purpose

Watching out closely for my every micro-expression

At how maddeningly his well-planned moves are being executed by the dancers

The rappers take the centre of the platform

With lines that could make a gentleman go bonkers

Reeling out rhymes that could make a poet dream

Of the age when poetry must have been born from rap

An age that he was not aware of

They build up steam steadily

And when they know I draw closer they increase the volume of the mixer

Or how else would it sound louder in my ears

They know it’s evening and the breeze will serve them well

Then they show moves that make them seem to be flying

They sway and slither and bounce and lock and pop and stomp

All with every movement of the easy breeze

They make me read meaning into every breath and hiss of the air

They obey the wind

The rappers’ lines carrying on the wind in a way that defied physics

I got distinction in physics

But for the beauty I saw all those years in school,

They seem like dirt compared to what these guys do with the wind

Moments I wish I were deaf

So I’d not hear the steady booms against my ear drums

Making me head shake subconsciously like one having a focal seizure

Never mind, the bass would still make my heart and viscera resonate

Or better still, I be blind

Then I would not see these wicked wizards and shape-shifters

Floating in the wind at times and other times sharply moving like electricity

Never mind, the thuds of their feet as they stomp would get to me somehow


See, there! That moment when he (in this case, Lecrae Moore) goes insane, as if possessed by something inhumanly. And the crowd goes lunatic…. (source: online, unknown



That moment of mad paralyzing ecstasy… an experience to kill, or die, or live for…. (Source: online, unknown)

Then they watch for the climax

That moment

When a straight-faced calculating and sober-minded adult doctor suddenly bursts into tears

Because he cannot understand why they would taunt him

With such displays of artistic perfection

Don’t tease and call me “only human after all”

What am I to do

If you cut me I bleed

I am human

If you rap and move like that

I cry with longing and envy

Wishing I could be you,

Right there

In that moment

Wielding the greatest weapon you have over me now

Your mad love for the lines and moves

With that confidence and ease accompanying your ability to do them

That you know I can read very clearly all over you

In that moment

Right there

When a scientist who lives on and deals with facts and Pure and Undefiled Science

Is brought figuratively to his knees

Before a phenomenon he has no control over

As he literally quickens his heels

His eyes already leaking tears


It just is unfair!

When you dance like that

English: Cathedral cliff edge

English: Cathedral cliff edge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tango dance, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Come dance with me
My legs are itching
I have this disease
That makes the soul scratch

Let’s step up and stomp down
Feel the mood rise
Let’s savour the groovy moment
Like a delicious foreplay

Don’t let the music stop
Don’t give the man release yet
The legs itch and soul scratch
And we dance to that rhythm

It’s not time to quench this fire
Let us take it higher still
It may add colour to the climax
And the disease may find its cure

Maybe we will dance so well
And lose ourselves to the rhythm
Our souls dying at the climax
As we drown in the melody

Till we tango off the edge of the cliff!

*Song* Of Time

English: Two girls playing the classic harp, C...

English: Two girls playing the classic harp, Caracas, Venezuela. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sing us the *song* of time
*Pitch* that widens our possibilities
*Lyrics* that spells out our boundaries

The *recording* of history and *playback* of present
Good days that have caused smile lines
Evil days that have caused scar lines

The *melody* of rewards and *tune* of consequences
Reminds us of the good seeds we have sown
Reminds us of the evil monsters we have spawn

The *harmony* of hope and *beat* of caution
Tells us where we were yesterday
Shows us where we should be today

The loud *volume* of the unseen yet real
*Rhythm* that God understands perfectly
A Being that runs the *scales* of eternity

P.S.: But the *sounds* of time we hear today

Will not tell us where exactly we are going
Will not tell us when our time will run out
Will not tell us when time itself will cease


Night song.

Night sky above "Åmål"

Night sky above “Åmål” (Photo credit: virre)

Oh, goody! These are moments when, in the middle of the night, my wits and senses also are active. I am multi-tasking my brain. At the same time, my senses crave a sweet experience. I put on my headphones. I usually set the audio equalizer to bass-boost. And my playlist jumps alive. My soul lets go. And I start to fly. Literally! (Hehehe!)
Introducing my playlist (which changes slightly over time though) usually including these:
The house you are building –Audrey Assad;
Heaven song -Phil Wickham;
Coming alive -Phil Wickham;
By your side -Tenth Avenue North;
My heart will go on-Celine Dion;
In Christ Alone -Anthony Evans;
Meaningless -Anthony Evans;
Lord I want to be a Christian -Kirk Whalum;
Lose my soul -Toby Mac;
City on our knees -Toby Mac;
Only a God like you -Tommy Walker;
Prodigal -Tye Tribbet;
The Way -Jeremy Camp;
When you are near -Jeremy Camp;
Dreams -Crannberries;
Dreaming my dreams -Crannberries;
These words -Natasha Bedingfield;
Run away –The Corrs;
Second chance –Hillsong United;
I’d like -Freshlyground;
Radio -The Corrs;
The stand -Hillsong United;
I believe -Lenny Le Blanc;
Saviour King -Hillsong United;
Blessed are the ones -Audrey Assad;
Awesome(remix) -William Murphy;
Chinwe Ike -Resonance;
By heart, by soul -Avalon;
Lord, I believe -Crystal Lewis;
Feel it comin’ on -Delirious;
Mma Mma -Frank Edwards;
Above all -Hillsong London;
Imaranma -Eben;
Hosanna -Israel Houghton;
Jesu Olurapada -Tope Alabi;
E gbe ga -Tope Alabi;
So into you -James Moss;
Arms of love -Katinas;
Ocean drive -LightHouse Family;
High -LightHouse Family;
Like an avalanche -Hillsong;
Held -Natalie Grant;
River God –Nichole Nordeman;
Fallin’ in love with you -Phil Driscoll;
Save the best for last -Vanessa Williams;
The best thing -Avalon;
This is home -Switchfoot;
My love is your love -Whitney Houston;
You are eternal and unchanging -Don Moen;
Throne of praise -Don Moen;
Mercy seat -Don Moen;
When you’re gone -Crannberries;
Immortality -Celine Dion;
For love of you -Audrey Assad;
Reach out -Crystal Lewis;
The Kingdom –Bethany Dillon;
Heaven on Earth -Darlene Zschech;
Heritagee -Jahdiel;
Overcomer -Jahdiel;
Save me -Remy Zero;
Breaking through -Audrey Assad;
From this moment -Shania Twain;
Desert song -Hillsong;
Waking up -Bethany Dillon;
East to west -Casting Crowns;
Everything is yours -Audrey Assad;
Complete -Kutless;
Keys to the Kingdom -Group 1 Crew;
Miracle maker -Delirious;
The Word is alive -Casting Crowns;
Let your light shine -Bethany Dillon;
Welcome to the show -Britt Nicole;
Melody of you -Audio Adrenaline;
Changing world -Kutless;
Hosanna -Hillsong United;
Tell me -Bethany Dillon;
Come clean -Audrey Assad;
Get to you -Ayiesha Woods;
Have you ever been in love -Celine Dion;
Are you sure -Bethany Dillon;
More than it seems -Kutless;
Run forward -Audrey Assad;
Feel the light -Britt Nicole;
All you are feat. Hillsong United samples -Rhema Soul;
Dreams -Darlene Zschech;
Man of God -Audio Adrenaline;
Dying to become -Kutless;
Beggars’s heart -Bethany Dillon;
Holy -Nichole Nordeman;
A thousand miles –Vanessa Carlton;
Baba E se -Shola Allyson Obaniyi;
Be without you –Mary J. Blidge;
And now my lifesong sings -Casting Crowns;
Falling into you -Celine Dion;
When I need you -Celine Dion;
To love you more -Celine Dion;
I love you -Celine Dion;
The power of love -Celine Dion;
Come find me -Bethany Dillon;
Glory to the King -Hillsong;
Here with me (remix) –Dido;
Here with me -Dido;
Dreamer -Bethany Dillon;
Everything I do -Brandy;
Great Big Mystery -Bethany Dillon;
You deserve -Hillsong;
How do I live -Leann Rimes;
Incomplete -Backstreet boys;
A lot of Kenny G’s!
When I call on Jesus -Nicole C. Mullen;
Every season -Nichole Nordeman;
I am -Nichole Nordeman;
Please come -Nichole Nordeman;
Holy Spirit -Nate Sallie;
Orin -Adol;
By your side -Sade Adu;
Sand in my shoes -Dido;
Take my hand -Dido;
Thank you -Dido;
You too dey bless me -Frank Edward;
I contact -Group 1 Crew;
I see you -Group 1 Crew.

Like I had said, my playlist is fluidy.
And that’s how we sail on the air, cruising into a different realm.
We do it at night.
My songs and I.
Together, we make The Night Song!