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The Other World: The First Breeze

Sea Storm in Pacifica, California

NOAA aerial photo of Hurricane Isidore taken T...

From across the sea
From the other world

The voices come hurriedly
Gliding with wings of the breeze

The closer they come accelerating
The heavier the wind grows

Swiftly soaring from above
Edging lower towards the shore

By now it’s a hurricane
Soon to crash against the shore

Truth from Heaven Enchanted above
Screaming to be heard

On this side of the world
The summer-sun-beaten shore

The partying beach animals seeing it
Fold up and flee the impending

The wise monkey observes all these
Having been expecting the hurricane

He leaps off his branch
Grabs his surfboard

Folds up his house
And heads towards the sea

Truth may come like a hurricane
But get your board and hit the groove

Liberty awaits!


Peter Pan’s Cry -Remain unchanged, secure…

English: 2010 Mavericks surfing competition. T...

Seasons come, seasons go;
Time runs helter-skelter;
I stay the same.

People stay, people leave;
We keep some and lose others;
I stay the same.

Hardship comes, hardship goes;
The winds of change blow hard against my skin;
Yet I don’t budge.

I do not grow older;
I do not grow wiser;
Nothing it takes to change me.

Devoid of innocence of childhood;
Avoiding the throes of growing up;
Permit me remain like this.

Let me enjoy the pretentious ignorance;
Let me stay calm and aloof;
Let me stay safe.

Let me be immune from pain and joy;
As one who feels and knows nothing;
As one who doesn’t exist in this realm.

P.S.: I am not on drugs.
(And I do not practice psychedelic art.)
I only write as one who wants a drama-free life!
Hope I am not living an illusion.