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Words From Another World: Introduction.

English: Barmouth Bridge on Boxing Day 2008 Wo...

I was born without any sounds,
(Oh! So I cried within a few minutes after birth)
Yet I had my own perception of the world.

The society taught me words.
I learned to express meaningful sounds that would have been cries.
I learned to give words to my thoughts.

What about the thoughts there were no words for?
What about the ideas that were original to me?
There were no words the society could give to them.

I am no longer a child.
The society has taught me words.
It has also taught me that confusion comes with words.

We try to speak the best ways we could.
People understand our vocabulary;
But they are light-years away from understanding our thoughts.

We try to communicate with simple terms,
But become frustrated because we are still misconceived;
And we end up trying to defend our noble intentions behind those “kind” words that hurt others.

The poets/writers labour hard trying to build bridges,
That effectively link words to the abstract thoughts and abstract world.
Salutations, great scribes and orators that you are!

Can I, please, use words that are original to me?
Because all I want is to build a bridge
Between the supernatural realm and the literal world.

Thank you!