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The wise oldie


Going beyond the limits with intelligence... (source: unknown)


But intelligence itself does have limits. Of course, I do not mean it is possible to understand women as the picture literally implies. (Source: unknown)

    My eyes have seen it all now
I have walked up and down the earth
Sat at affluent feasts and slept in wracked ghettos
     And didn’t feel very different from a human being
I have touched the heart-melting fire of passionate love
Felt the fiery apathy only the worst criminals feel
     Yet wasn’t immune to the awe, shock or pity I got from people
I have cruised the highways and sat in dark depressive alleys
Mastered the secrets of ecstasy and protracted painful pleasure
     And believe me it’s not megalomania, dope or sex
My mind now knows all there is to know

I have enjoyed the sadistic captivating power of words
Felt the occasional disappointment of poetry and smart-tonguing
I have seen the selfishness in the heart of men
And seen how much good humanity is capable of
I have seen their fears and how they take shelter in ignorance
I have seen them dare to hope
Even though they are really helpless in and by themselves

My mind now knows so much
I also know the danger of knowledge
I know the weakness of intelligence
I have tickled the philosopher so sore he cried
I have lured the scientific mind into grey areas of uncertainty
I know just enough to make me humble
And enough to make me know
That I am only just a bit above the most of humanity
And enough to make me know
That barely 5% of readers could possibly be insightful
Or wise enough
To see flaws in my reasoning

Simple Ironies -(unedited)

The curse of man


The genius does something retarded
And is impressed at his creativity
Like he was bored with being smart every time
And is happy with a new experience

The two lovers feel they are stronger
After fighting and making up
When they promise to never break up
With the inevitability they will sooner or later

The father looks at son
And is awestruck at how protective he feels
Feeling the same awesome way
When he spanks the lad impatiently

The psychologist who visits another psychologist
And sees herself being analysed by the other
Saying things she knows she could have expressed herself
Without being charged per unit time

Oh! What do we really know about even ourselves
The one minute pontificating about power, love and intellect
The next minute acting like spineless, selfish halfwits
Yet feeling grandiose again before the day is over

P.S.: And this bored lazy writer
Reels simple ideas recklessly out
Yet knowing the distinct appeal
Of sensibly organized poetry form

Writing like nothing in his piece
Even remotely refers to his humanity
Claiming the power of the artist is purely imaginative
Yet knowing the power of art is in soul-ish expression

The Scientific Confusion: a tottering thought

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Artist's conception of the spiral str...

Let’s throw out the pots into the gutter
Though a little cooking is good for the soul
A little confusion brimming in the primordial soup
Bubbles of ethanol rising from the bottom of the pot
And now all the great sages of the earth are carousing
But eh, who can judge them
When they are stuffed with monkey soup
I hope they managed to eat it standing erect
And within a space of a few million years
Many even forgetting to shave whilst at it
Will they successfully prove evolution
By reverse-evolving
Why the obsession with this cookbook
Will seeing the recipe for the primordial soup
Bring back the flavour to this planet-kitchen
Maybe they are not really looking for answers
To the state of man and the kitchen
They just want them bubbles!
Them blissful bubbles of ethanol
And they’ll feel fulfilled by the rush
Or stagger happily under the weight of titles
Professors and Philosophers of them bubbles.
The kitchen lies in decrepitude meanwhile!