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Liebster Blog Award Nomination.

Thanks to http://www.realityinprogress.wordpress.com for this award nomination. I like what she did with her triple nominations. I also have two awards slung back. Maybe I should also do a double overdue award piece.
You can count on a feeling of adventure from her sites. Her imagination is-and hence, writings are -heavily laden and boldly tainted with the colours of adventure. Like she is a poet of wanderlust. If it were possible, we’d name her matron saint of wanderlusty poets. And she does this in non-voluminous poems/pieces. Who said the witch’s broom had to be long and huge or decorated with engines and wings!

To the questions;
♥ What is your favourite kitchen? Why?
I don’t have a favourite kitchen. I probably should have a customized cuisine because I love to experiment a lot. I also lean slightly towards pastries and pescetarianism.
♥ What you hate the most about people?
Assuming it actually means that, and not what people I hate most, I’d say a proud/haughty/arrogant attitude.
♥ Where would you travel first, if the money won’t matter?
Hmmm….. Big one. Can I resist standing before a huge, terrifying and steepy mountain? Can I not love being one with the depth of the ocean, with all those exotic marine life forms? Why won’t I wanna sleep on the thick jungle floor -the lighting condition at daytime, the humidity and smell of the air, or the animals great and small?
Arrrrrgh!!!!!!!!! I’ll just painfully settle for jung…..
Why would I miss those tall architectural masterpieces, or a flight over the sandy desert dunes, or the rich sight that humanity affords at its epicurean moments in Las Vegas for instance.
I give up!
♥ What is your favourite part of day? Why?
The night when the world is asleep, except for some of us -me, nocturnal animals and inspiration.
♥ Where would you like to live? (anywhere)
A very quiet place equally accessible to a jungle, a river, a long quiet road, and a bustling metropolis. Unrealistic much!
♥ What is one of the funniest things you have ever done?
Ha! I guess the most appropriate is being myself. My mind picks scraps of humour off the most serious, mundane or crazy things/scenarios.
♥ Which movie is better than the book?
Hope the blogosphere will not vomit me if I say I generally prefer a well-directed movie to its book.
♥ What is your favorite song? Why?
Tough one. Let me settle for Audrey Assad’s “The House You Are Building”.
♥ What is the first thing on your bucket list?
If I ever seriously thought up one!
♥ Who is your favorite actor/actress? (name a movie too)
Ha! Hmmm! Let me go for Simon Baker who portrayed Patrick Jane in The Mentalist.

Phew! Nomination time. I am to nominate other deserving bloggers in no particular order (of merit):
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The Mad Village Poet -11(Original) -END

rolling jungle

rolling jungle (Photo credit: matthewvenn)


Please refer to my post @ https://ifeelshadows.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/my-idyllic-village-experience/ for a background to the story.

The city was becoming crowded
With the less-hairy members of my species.
They laugh at my afro;
I mourn for their baldness.
At least they have carved out a new niche.
I shall call them humans.
Now, I hope none comes back
To interrupt my solitary forest meditation;
Begging for some hair-growth formula
When they can’t keep warm by being “on heat”;
And are desperate for some meaning,
Which is to be found only in monkey soup.
It is midnight again-
My period of peak activity;
Ears stretched taut, hairs standing alert,
Nostrils flared, lips set,
Eyes unblinking, fingers feverishly working.
The mad village poet goes to sleep on his laid egg;
Hoping it would hatch by morning into the mad city poet!
Thank you.
Couples hanging out on Friday night,
A transaction that comes with a “minimum wage” agreement.
Pity if either one is an economist;
Then the other will be a charitable social worker!