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Insane Spurts of a Sober Mind: Life’s Seasons

Winter forest

SIGHTS OF THE SEASON  /  Autumn of Our Lives  ...

Let us dance to the spring
It is spewing wine for us this year
But we get so drunk
With the goodness of spring
We forget the harsh winds of reality
Seasons come and go
But I am none the better for it

This winter past
I was found in the jungle
Caught in shivers of emotions
Till I let them all freeze
It was all I could do
As I lay lifeless-frozen

Before then was the autumn
Which appealed to some sobriety and reality
As I saw leaves dead and dropping
Death blowing in the autumn breeze
Please pray for their kind souls departed
Life is a 50 metre dash
Very few of us have lanes long as 80

And there was, and shall be, summer
A fickle mimicry of a hellish existence
Oh please cry for winter again
Let the cold arms comfort you
For if you shivered in the cold
Resonated with spring’s life and slowed with autumn
Then you are not made of a material
Tough enough to stand the heat of summer!

P.S.: lest you see me as cynical,
Cheer up!
Seasons are only for “a short season”
Whilst on earth
The last autumn will come soon
Then you shall rest and be done.
With the seasons ON EARTH!
(I guess I am cynical!!!)

A Brief Welcome For The Living Dead


This evening all is red;
Blood flows on the floor.
This season all is dead;
Life shows as a blur.

A dangling ghost,
Falling into deep nothingness;
Blowing from river to coast,
The smell of sweet weariness.

In torment
My experience was hopelessness
For a moment
My existence was formlessness

All the while light was dawning
The seed of pure deity
All the way the life was flowing
The seed of true immortality

In the year I was murdered
I was born
In the river I was submerged
I was borne

And now, may the dead LIVE in perfect peace.