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A Silly Conflict Of Desires

To the Lyricist: a song.

I am the seeking one

I see life as split into two
But notice sneaky shades of grey too

I sit on the palm tree
The clock strikes three
Jesus I just need to see

I spot him by the door
Right on the dot of four
Through the entrance people pour
To secure a place near him on the floor

He says nothing until five
As some latecomers arrive
Now the place is like a beehive
I make sure to mind my own drive
Wondering what others hope to derive

Crowds hear as he speaks
Of wisdom his mouth reeks
To the wrecked he brings a sure fix
Without him Earth could soon be in a fix
Darn! I am hungry and it is just six
And I had waited for this for weeks

It chimes seven
And I am so riven
My hunger is a given
But I am also driven
To seek Christ’s truths that enliven
Setting me free from death’s oven
Argh! But please be done before eleven