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About wit



Somehow, I hope you are taking a little break from work at this time to read this. What are the chances you are online now?

When I woke up this morning, I was brightly smiling to your face. I knew you were the special one for me, even though that could have meant different things if one were to analyse it. I told you how I was ready to spend the rest of my life with you. You smiled with so much warmth in your eyes, I almost dropped a tear onto my pillow. Usually it’s my saliva that wets it when I sleep. But you never complain about my drooling, the way I never faulted you for snoring, both of us despite different head/neck positions we had tried. It’s just our queer romantic thing, I guess.

You then asked me what would happen to our love after our lives on earth.

I replied I did not know.

Really, who knows what comes next after? Who has gone and returned to tell us, and why should we believe him/her?

You then sweetly tugged at my warm succulent cheeks. The kind of cheeks a masculine man should not have. I swiftly beat your hands away, telling you sharply not to patronize me. I told you I knew what you would say next. You looked condescending as you smiled lovingly at me, telling me not to be presumptuous. Even now, I can hear you laughing sarcastically at me for judging your look as condescending. I retorted that I knew you would call me shallow. You would say I don’t usually analyse things properly. You would not exactly use the word “shallow”, but would every letter imply it. You act at times as though you understood everything. You had once told me it was just the way your countenance was, and that you really did not regard yourself as very knowledgeable or wise. You should know that your body gestures are important. I had often told you to look in the mirror as you practised your facial expressions. You can never become perfect at understanding or manipulating people if you could not understand yourself, or control your own expressions. Then you tell me that to be more romantic I had to learn to look at issues more closely and clearly. How do you do that! You are so amazing for managing to link intellectual wit with romance.

So, let us be clear.

We had a hot argument this morning because of what would happen to us after we died? Or because of what would happen to our love? Or because you wanted to romantic with words? Or because you wanted me to have given a better and more romantic answer –if only I had thought more deeply of course! Well, how about: “We will never die because God would never want a love like ours to end?” Or, “We would still continue our love in the next realm?” Well, you and I know that you’d sooner throw the second answer out as a painful cliché. You’d then pick on the first one, asking how God would break a core rule of mortality just for our sake. Then the discussion would still hit the rocks!

Am I looking at issues more closely now? Have I been right in my analysis so far? Am I smart enough for you to respect me now? Am I right enough to match your wit now? You know that in a twisted romantic way, I am fatally drawn to your mind?

Because I really need to. Somehow, I am convinced you are the one for me. And we have to be a complementary match.

Will you tell me something different now? Will you be warm towards me? Or will you tell me I have yet again totally misrepresented you, here in the face of the whole world this time?

Well, that would even be if you happen to be online now.



Fatally yours,


Cow, and sheep upside-down

English: Sheep Pasture, Near Cow Wath

There is the OTHER version of the parable about the meek and obedient sheep in the Bible. It shows one of the wonders of the human nature.

It was expensively purchased from the common market-ground
Viciously kicking and jumping and fighting
So we deliberately let it run around
Till it comically fell panting

It was skilfully purchased from the uncommon cow-butcher
Arguing and haggling without quits
But we came ready with a joker
And he squarely fell to our wits

It was straightaway sent to the common barnyard
Where it was cleaned up thoroughly
As hooves kicked and nostrils flared
Till it grudgingly came out nicely

It was richly fed at the uncommon meadow
With suspicious eyes darting and glaring
As the cool stream did flow
Till its belly was bulging

It was gently guided to the common barn
As it was dusk and wolves came to play
But it didn’t give a cowly darn
What danger did say

In the quiet middle of the uncommon night
Stuffed runaway cow and hungry wolf met
Rebel cow did not take to flight
The wolf’s need was met

P.S.: “My sheep hear my voice”, the kind Jesus said in the normal version of the Bible.
Thank you.

My Dilemma

longest road

I was born into the world not too long ago;
So I have not gathered enough experience.
This will be someone’s claim.

A woman indulges in harmful medications/drugs.
She gives birth to a deformed baby.
The baby looks up to the sky to blame the Good Creator.

A baby grows up naïve in a dark world,
Abused by the “wise” grown-ups and suffers.
The child looks up in judgment at the Gentle One

A recently divorced, drunk truck-driver
Knocks over a little child on the day before his 5th birthday.
The parents cry out at the Fatherly One.

The young adolescent hanging out at every night rave with peers
Gets shot at whilst doing dope.
The parents barely restrain their anger at the Innocent One.

The older adolescent would be anywhere but facing the future;
And when soon faced with a life of mortgages and lack,
Looks up and blames the Generous Giver.

The young bride soon becomes a young widow
At the hands of cancer.
She looks up in sorrow at the Loving One.

The middle-aged couple who just got duped and abandoned
By a run-away only son
Look up in query at the Patient Father.

The old man just lost his life-long mate
To a brutal rape by a ‘psychopath’.
He painfully demands of the Just One.

A “wise” philosopher, product of this damaged system
With its warped ways of reasoning which brought it to this cursed shore,
Considers all these and shakes his head at the “All-wise Almighty One”.

Now we think we know it all and are qualified to call out just any “culprit” anyhow.
After all, it’s better than not having an answer.
Or, maybe we just want someone to pour out our frustrations on.

We are very wise now, having the use of philosophy and logic (P&L)
Which, though seems sensible and practicable over time,
Has not changed some easily seen flaws of human nature.

Is it possible that these rules and thinking methods
Cannot solve some riddles, e.g., the unseen world which is nonetheless existing;
So, we should be more careful before sticking out our lives for the P&L originating from US.

Please, I am not out against P&L.
I only want those addressing life’s issues
To look beyond themselves (reasoning and emotion) and up.

To the One who still watches closely,
Even after making us responsible for what happens on earth;
Though He doesn’t interfere at every opportunity.

To the One who was so concerned for us
That he sacrificed what mattered most to him
Just to bring some real meaning and sanity into our existence.

To the One who knows our deadly human nature
Yet offered hope, EXPECTING us to take it freely,
While we turn our backs on him for SO MANY reasons.

Yet a friend of mine has said:
We believe in God.
But, does God believe in us?

P.S.: So, let this innocent mind
Uncorrupted by this crazy cosmos
Speak with wisdom as from above.

Hanging from a thread…



A smiling baby lying in a soft cot (furniture).

A smiling baby lying in a soft cot (furniture). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is no day for any mad village poet
He has been subdued with a psychiatrist’s needle.

Deception comes in many flashy shapes, sizes and colours. It attracts all living creatures on earth: from the bacterium which chemotaxes to a toxin(poison) bearing a mimicking functional group(similar to its nutrient source) to the little child that would believe any lie from his father, to even that father that would fall prey to the scam-artist’s drama in business.
Introducing a grand deception of the human nature…
This is not about how the human nature(via it’s passions) lures us into directly committing an evil deed such as theft or murder.
Consider: how dependent, like an invalid, a newborn baby is. This baby passes through different seasons of life during which he/she learns learns lessons in self-confidence and building life survival skills. The phases of a normal psychological development(by Erik Eriksson include autonomy, industriality,etc. It seems then that nature wants man to be independent.
Introducing the other side…
Man is not quite the most powerful, most intelligent and supreme of all beings existing in the universe. I am not about another long argument on the origin of man. I am merely saying there are realms, beings and occurences that lie outside our fingertips.
Introducing the conflict…
The rat goes about it’s routine life, not knowing that that tasty snack lying on the high wooden table belongs to another greater being -a human in this case. Even so, we are placing almost undue emphasis on our independence and are living as though completely oblivious to the result of our actions. Funny we don’t even consider the results of our actions on the next human.
The drama…
The unseen is so intricately interwoven with the seen. Now is so intricately interwoven with then. The other realm is pulsating with life behind this realm. And it is no less real; it is no less powerful. And whether we choose to ignore it or not, it still wields its power and influence.
True that man has his influence; but it only goes so far! It has it’s territories.
And one day, man snaps out of his self-absoption, and realizes he’s been hanging from a thread.

PS: I am not on a campaign for an apocalypse coming tomorrow.