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What do I know again

Are these cows happy?

Could I possibly kill this spider that's just going about its own life?

What do I know of sorrow?
The feeling of a woman in prolonged obstructed labour?
The burning hurt of mother over prodigal son?
Or the torture of always hoping yet no results?
After all I was still in the womb 1 month ago,
Being prepared for a life of writing.

What do I know of joy?
The relief of a constipated man opening his bowels finally?
The bliss enjoyed by the unconcerned/ignorant/aloof?
Or the euphoria associated with heaven?
After all I only smiled at birth yesterday,
Looking forward to learning writing.

What do I know of goodness?
The little boy helping a little old man across the street?
The sick mother who still prepared breakfast for all?
Or the constant unrequited love of the Maker for men?
When my diapers were bought just yesterday,
And I picked up the pen today.

What do I know of cruelty?
A dog owner who kicks aside a cat on the street?
A boss who bullies employees at work?
A spiritual leader who deliberately deceives the followers?
After all I sucked my first breast milk yesterday,
And wrote my first piece today.

In time, heaven’s light crashes in on earth’s darkness. //symbolic writing//

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two ships flying in space a-tango
Earth and Heaven kingdom-ships
The Heaven ship could fly faster
But it kept close to the Earth ship

Often it would send power sparks
To give the Earth kingdom-ship a lift
Or Earth ship would have fared worse
The crew is the worst a ship could wish for

For long the two ships have been on parallel courses
Heaven’s Captain keeping a close watch
Because He has a stake in the other ship
For Earth carries unwilling captives of war

Left to the gods of the earth they’d run it aground
They resist heaven’s help even firing at it
They’d sooner crash earth than see the slaves free
Sadistic gods set against Heaven’s Captain

The Captain knew they’d soon hit the Hell Hole
But He would sooner crash his ship into earth
To get it off that self-destructive course
And He’d capture earth ship

He’d overthrow the lords of the earth ship
Free the slaves and set things straight
He’d force peace to reign aboard that ship
But the timing has to be right!

Angels and Virgins

L' Annonciation, 1644, peinture de Philippe de...

Come play with us Angels sometime,
As God’s wonders treat us to an awesome time,
Whilst earthlings are ignorantly declaring,
Babbling about KNOWING that heaven is boring.

Then the Father summoned Gabriel telepathically,
“A top-secret mission.” He told him emphatically.
Can’t divulge the details on wordpress.com;
Neither will any get it on google.com.

With Jesus’ joy in our hearts
We rode off in gliding carts,
All the while making merry
On our way to meet Teri.

We had a dialogue her at the synagogue:
“Sirs, I only had sex with a mere dog;
Surely you can overlook that.” she was saying.
We weren’t waiting to indulge her braying!

We RAN across Lori in a shocking marvel.
Our eyes shall not see evil.
For our Lori most awesome
Was deeply engaged in a threesome!

We argued with Kari at the temple.
Her knowledge of philosophy and logic was ample.
“Sirs, hymen intact, who says my giving a “blow job” is wrong?”
We answered her from our escaping wagon!

“Boy!” Gabriel did exclaim, “Man is sadly lame –
Insisting that legal or acceptable and right are the same,
When Creator-God already defined right and holy
And made His truth available to all freely.”

We picked Mary away from the market,
Where she was feeding her monkey from her basket,
Whilst giving the teenagers sex education,
Though she herself had never been involved in fornication.

Top-secret mission accomplished at long last,
We settled down to having a blast:
Earthquakes, as our rocky missiles sent demons reeling,
And we set ablaze their asses with bolts of lightning!

Epilogue (THE BIRTH OF JESUS) : And Mary the true virgin became pregnant with an unusual child, uncontaminated with the fallen nature of man. At the fullness of time, she was delivered –yours truly being the Doctor-in-attendance –of a bouncing baby boy Jesus.

Spoiler-alert! The word “blow job” did not exist then.

That Other World

Sunset Beach

I am here again;
This time drifting into this ocean
I once emerged from.

Today, I see myself facing it again;
Looking very different
From what I had always imagined I remembered.

I have been drawn to this ocean for a while now,
Like a wanderlust
That consumes with mad passion.

Looking across,
I KNOW what I must do.
I must be at that other world.

Do I have a death wish?
Definitely not!
I know though, that I HAVE to be at the other side.

I either make it there,
Or live a regret-grated life out here,
By the summer-sun-beaten beach.

The unseen calls out to me;
The spirits haunt my sleeping hours;
The voices crowd my waking hours.

I feel things many others don’t feel.
I see things many others don’t see.
I try to remain calm and collected and certain.

Speak and write online like every other writer;
(Note please: I am not desperate about carving out a niche for myself; )
But my writings come out unusual.

Corrupted (or mildly put, influenced) by these voices,
By the waves from this other world,
From across the ocean.

So , I live like a man
Who is brewing a hurricane in his brain –
Voices from inside clashing with noises from the shore outside

Yes! There are the normal noises from the society out here;
Voices trying to teach me THEIR laws and ways;
Voices telling me to blend in.

But, here I stand on the shore.
I am not sure I can swim this ocean’s length or depth.
But, I will never have any semblance of sanity,

Till the day I die and my bones
Are scattered haplessly along the sands of this shore,
If I don’t yield to this call.

It’s the call of the Supreme Spirit –
Ruler of Heaven Enchanted across the Ocean of Life,
Where I was crafted and birthed.