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It’s nice to sing that new beat
Not just when drunk on milk and beef
Or high on smoke from that roasting rabbit
Meat so deliciously lean and stiff
As we gather round the heat
All of us dancing on the cliff
Thankful that tonight life is neat
And we are spared the gliff
Spared the terror and hit
That make us tremble like a leaf
Tearing us bit by bit
Ain’t this life’s spiff
Biting us in the butt even on retreat
Never leaving like our very own reef
Driving nails into the sores of our feet
Darkening the core of all our belief
Setting up pins for us on our seat
So nauseating is this life’s whiff
Monsters parade this life’s gloomy street
Even when silent we hear them sniff
Causing terrors that make our hearts grit
These life’s fairy-demons meet us with a biff
They greet our joys with a slit
And spare us no tiff
Leaving us a ghastly bloody treat
So when we get some relief
We are thankful for the feast
Giving the Creator glory without miff
And smiling as we lie tonight each on his bedsheet

Resting In Peace!

Midnight Bed Muse -Changing World

Sunlight just after midnight near Tromsø, Norway

Time to fall down, to my knees
As I look back, way far back
Over all I have, FREELY truly HAVE
But all I EARNED, all actually useless
And open up my heart, my stranded heart
To the One, The Only One


Life has been re-defined, I once defined
And now I see, really clearly see
What life is, and should be
Even on dark days, starkly blankly dark
This still IS, my song is
The re-definition, of my existence.

P.S.: Clarity in chaos
Light in darkness
Truth in illusion
Reality in dreams
Life in death