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The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The world is better off these days
Please speak no more of “the old days”
We now enjoy God-free lives
A world where “liberty” now thrives

Soon Ms. Shards will happily commission bigger orphanages
Because orphans’ ex-mothers see no need for extra baby-baggages
Engr. Trent will supervise the construction of a grander prison
As despite Barrister Erykah’s valiance conviction rates keep increasing

The Enchanted Seer will peacefully live all alone
Because his ex-sons have no time for his flaky old bone
Psych. Osaze will organise the rehabilitation of more teenagers
As despite Nurse Biutea’s diligence drug addiction rates signal dangers

One said even without God is morality
Being inherent in every human society
To which another aptly responded
But a child learns deceit and hate unaided

“I say we face this issue by talking and/or living
Like we are moral and/or thinking beings,
Ignoring the viper lounging and/or biting within
Breeding covert and/or overt sins”

P.S.: After all, it is fun engaging in witty philosophical discussions about God forgetting for a while the darker realities we face as mere mortals which we are very helpless with, despite our grand logics.
And for the religion- and/or grammar-sensitive reader(s), please note that the “sins” is not used as a religious term.
Thank you.

After The Outcasting…

English: Hurricane Isaac

English: Hurricane Isaac (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We were once close
Till I ran away from you to the beach
To find myself in the sand of sorrows
Where my tent I did pitch

Lying by the beach I cried
Half-wishing I’d dose off
So a midnight tide
Would carry me off

The sea saw my pain deepen
As I poured out my soul to the open
My tears ran for solace in the sea
None can help this unrepentant outcast of the Almighty

Now in the sea, my tears of pain
Became a life-wrecking hurricane
Committing atrocities no less/more than mine
Causing sorrows no less/more than mine

P.S.: You may as well hold me guilty for Hurricane Katrina. That was the first time I neglected God. I repented, but somehow went back to my old ways of rebellion. Then Hurricane Isaac happened the second time I was by the beach.
I plead guilty.
It seemed that even my tears that tried to find peace in the sea fared badly.

My Dilemma

longest road

I was born into the world not too long ago;
So I have not gathered enough experience.
This will be someone’s claim.

A woman indulges in harmful medications/drugs.
She gives birth to a deformed baby.
The baby looks up to the sky to blame the Good Creator.

A baby grows up naïve in a dark world,
Abused by the “wise” grown-ups and suffers.
The child looks up in judgment at the Gentle One

A recently divorced, drunk truck-driver
Knocks over a little child on the day before his 5th birthday.
The parents cry out at the Fatherly One.

The young adolescent hanging out at every night rave with peers
Gets shot at whilst doing dope.
The parents barely restrain their anger at the Innocent One.

The older adolescent would be anywhere but facing the future;
And when soon faced with a life of mortgages and lack,
Looks up and blames the Generous Giver.

The young bride soon becomes a young widow
At the hands of cancer.
She looks up in sorrow at the Loving One.

The middle-aged couple who just got duped and abandoned
By a run-away only son
Look up in query at the Patient Father.

The old man just lost his life-long mate
To a brutal rape by a ‘psychopath’.
He painfully demands of the Just One.

A “wise” philosopher, product of this damaged system
With its warped ways of reasoning which brought it to this cursed shore,
Considers all these and shakes his head at the “All-wise Almighty One”.

Now we think we know it all and are qualified to call out just any “culprit” anyhow.
After all, it’s better than not having an answer.
Or, maybe we just want someone to pour out our frustrations on.

We are very wise now, having the use of philosophy and logic (P&L)
Which, though seems sensible and practicable over time,
Has not changed some easily seen flaws of human nature.

Is it possible that these rules and thinking methods
Cannot solve some riddles, e.g., the unseen world which is nonetheless existing;
So, we should be more careful before sticking out our lives for the P&L originating from US.

Please, I am not out against P&L.
I only want those addressing life’s issues
To look beyond themselves (reasoning and emotion) and up.

To the One who still watches closely,
Even after making us responsible for what happens on earth;
Though He doesn’t interfere at every opportunity.

To the One who was so concerned for us
That he sacrificed what mattered most to him
Just to bring some real meaning and sanity into our existence.

To the One who knows our deadly human nature
Yet offered hope, EXPECTING us to take it freely,
While we turn our backs on him for SO MANY reasons.

Yet a friend of mine has said:
We believe in God.
But, does God believe in us?

P.S.: So, let this innocent mind
Uncorrupted by this crazy cosmos
Speak with wisdom as from above.

Song In The Darkness

This is my song in the darkness,
When the gloom chokes on my throat.
My dance in the water,
When my feet feels unsure.

Beginning as an uneasiness
Bubbling in my stomach;
Like the waves of a naughty sea
Rocking the boat playfully side to side;

The darkness crawled its way up my gut
Wanting total domination and expression.
Like the ocean feeling irritated
By my boat ON TOP of it.

En route its ascent it bypassed my heart.
Saving the best for last, maybe!
Like the ocean biding its time.
Conspiringly building up a hurricane!

A first creep out my throat,
And a dark foul mist seeped through.
Like that cursed wave
That cracked my boat.

But the external rules and constraints, and my shame
Wouldn’t allow it out wide.
Just as I could easily patch my leak
With some misconceptions and outward acts of good.

No way the darkness was giving up.
But it didn’t act as predicted.
Or, did the sea respect that sailor
Who patched a leak with clay?

Many mothers know how to get a baby’s mouth open –
Some pressure on the cheek near the jaw.
And many little children know how to wreck the hardest clay –
A little soaking in water with a little patience.

Darkness was better than that.
It grasped lower –my throat.
Knowing that with time, the clay would give way,
The sea just kept at it.

Going for my air, it knew that eventually
I’d open wide my mouth wide, or die.
After all, I couldn’t watch the inevitable happen;
I’d have to abandon a doomed boat.

So, would I allow my darkness out,
Or take it down with me to the grave?
Knowing that stepping out to see if I could stand
Would be better than sticking with a sinking boat.

This is my song in the darkness,
When the gloom chokes on my throat.
My dance in the water,
When my feet feels unsure.

See me give up the ghost,
As the darkness weakens its hold.
And I am staggering ON TOP of the sea,
Completely out of my safety boat.

I take my last breath,
As the darkness goes to sleep;
Leaving me at a loss for breath,
As the waters start flooding my lungs.

MY story ends here.
Not the expected happy ending.
The image of a drowning man,
Sinking faster than the speed of time.

Now, the birth of a new creature;
Living, darkness-free.
Who knew there was an island nearby,
And the drowning man would step on solid rock.

A new creature living for the light –
A light that engulfs and liberates.
So firm he could never go down again –
An island beyond dreams.

Now, there’s still a lot more darkness all around him.
That is another story!
For now, let him find security and certainty –
Much better than the illusion of safety on the boat.

P.S.: The darkness –the evil within.
The second half of each stanza dealt with the ocean part of the story. This has to do with the testing of those principles, mindsets and beliefs always believed to be true.

FMV -The Lounging God

NASA GOES-13 Full Disk view of Earth December ...

A god lounging out at his balcony,
Spectating those tiny particles moving below;
Men and women, children and animals;
All the activities in the stream of life.
Of course, they don’t know I am here;
So blind to my pretty realm
Above their petty realm.
All of them so myopic (shortsighted)!
Let me pretend to also ignore them.
Or, better yet,
I’ll spit out on them;
Or cause some interference –
Just for my saddistic godly pleasure
Probably then I’ll draw some attention and due recognition to myself.

But, I am no god.
I am just a crazy writer –

Who has a God,
Completely different
From the type I am feeling myself to be,
Whilst hanging out here,
From the balcony,
At my hospital building,
On a merry Thursday night.

Thank you.