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It’s 1 am

How do I do something no one has ever written

Write something no one has ever done

Outstandingly creative or ingenious

That gets the reader stuck on its pages and lessons

A real page- and life-turner

That remains evergreen even when my hair turns grey

Something that will cost some sweet sweat

The kind that precedes a particularly delightful rest

The kind that only comes after rock-hard labour


This is the question I keep asking

At 4:30 am


This is the eternal curse of the artist

That high bar we have set for ourselves

That forever keeps us below the scientist

That high bar we never attain to

That makes a mockery of us before the scientist

Whose life is so simple

A very theoretically pragmatic mix of principles

No matter how actually chaotically inadequate this mix is


We forever fawn over our inferiority before them

The scientist who needn’t rise beyond his senses

The scientist who needn’t read between the lines of this piece

The scientist whose neurons fire away in peace

We artists be forever murdering ourselves

Suiciding and homiciding all through life

The artist wakes up every morning with a hammer to the head

He then picks at the pieces with long nails

Same nails he used to scratch his itchy under a night before

He scatters the bits with his scrawny feet

So bony from years of starvation

Because inspiration did not give 50 kobo if he survived

In a world of indie publishing, miscellaneous blogging and facebooking

He peers with eyeballs painfully straining hard

For something beyond the senses

Something truly beautiful

That could not have come from among those neurons and equations

Something more than a mockery of his senses

Writing simply as his eyes have seen or ears heard

He has to spin the magical into it

He cannot paint that drab leaf the way it is

The leaf has to look like a flower

A glorious flower nobody has seen before

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The artist has to produce a work of wonder

A work that the senses have to adore

A work the scientist has to bow before in awe


Make no mistake the scientist works hard

Starting from the imagination

Creating a complex question

But he then turns the simplistic way

Reduces the wonder to a series of observations and equations


The scientist has his own merits




The artist has to dig into the supernatural

He has to bridge the realms of the seen and unseeable

He has to produce a wonder

The scientist did not know existed

In a way that could not be explained by equations and mere observations

Using tools the scientist did not know existed

He looks at the simple elements

Eats them all up

Regurgitates lying down

Whilst the scientist scorns

Calling him a lazy goat

Who cannot handle the rigours of elaborate farm work


Only to produce a wonder the same scientist can apprehend

And adore with his own senses


A world beyond mere observations and simple equations of life.

Mortals Versus Deity: A deity’s perspective?

Washington DC - Judiciary Square: Meade Memorial

Washington DC – Judiciary Square: Meade Memorial (Photo credit: wallyg)

A supernatural world that knocks the earth out of its orbit
The rules override the laws of physics and logic
A powerful system whose fingers weave through all nature
A power that affects events in nature all around us
A living breathing force that swallows the ball of darkness
A solution to the complex puzzle of the corrupt human nature
A mystery that smashes the imagination
A fact the limited cognition can’t process

I am the Unseen One
I exist even if you mortals don’t want to admit it
I am even if you have challenges acknowledging it
You don’t expect me to fade because you deny my reality
You don’t expect my deity status to change because you blaspheme and curse me
You don’t think I will be guilty simply because you rain –
Well, since you are below and I above –
You fire blames upon me
I have made my case, but you simply don’t want to pay attention
Then you bring up all these “facts” and allegations
You manufacture your own versions of circumstantial and hard evidences
Without even a slight trace of my “DNA” to inculpate me
You concoct your own versions of character evidence against me
Without even a peek at the copy of my personality profile
Available so readily all around.
And when I won’t even honour your subpoena
You blatantly call me a coward
Then you go on to lead your lives
Mostly oblivious to my reality and design for your lives
Occasionally admitting to my existence with the angry jab or a curse word at me
I still try to help you see
Not because I cease to be a deity without you
(as I can reel out a billion universes and creatures in a second)
But because I am still concerned about you.
Yet, my reality remains a mystery to you
A reality more promiscuous as a blazing sun temporarily hidden behind a cloud
Yet can be observed to be there
But, again, poor mortals are stuck on detailed analyses of the clouds
Blind to the sun!