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Lost In Reality?

English: The Earth's atmosphere refracts the s...

Wake me up.
From the bland dream
Kiss me and sing to me.
When I hear your lips
I’ll know I am awake.

Show me reality.
Show me the mystical world
Through your eyes.
Holding me as I hold you,
I’ll know it’s real.

But how will I know
I’m not just in another dream
With you in it;
A world of illusion
Through your dewy eyes.

I know it sounds sweet to say:
“I’ll rather live an illusion
If it’s you.”
But, if it ain’t real,
Then it IS NOT real!

So, send me back
To the world I came from;
Where reality is simple-non-magical
Save the drama
For when I know what’s real.

I used to believe in all the drama.
But please, let me enjoy
Something more definite.
A dream based on a reality.
A dream in reality!

Thank you.