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An average day in the life of Just-a-regular-crazy-spiritual-human.

Only once in a whole day
Does the dawn catch me lazily asleep
Never more than once a day
Do I have the privilege of breakfast
As rarely as once a day
Does the rising sun soothe my soul
And just once in a whole day
Do I have to toil under a fiery sun
Only once throughout the whole day
Does the poor afford a scanty lunch
Believe me it’s once a day
Do I enjoy a liberating evening stroll
And only once in my day
Does resting after work make sense
Never as oft as twice in any day
Do I smell a good supper
And just that one time in the day
Does the night speak sleep to me

…Okay, let’s go rogue now!

Most of the day do I cry for the frailty of humanity
Most of the day do I pull through with hope
Most of the day do I feel the poverty of wallets and souls around
Most of the day do I eat and drink anything I desire
Most of the day do I wear a straight face
Most of the day do I feel happy and contented
Most of the day does my mind actively work
Most of the day I am mostly the man I ought to be
Most of the day none of those that happen once a day happen

The Works Of The Night

Tejas Nair Photography Silent Night

As the cold night dawns, the Dark-ones’ countenances light up,
They are shivering in anticipation of all the pleasure the night gives to them;
And the warm daylight dims as my mood is lifted up.
I am calm in hope of all the pleasure I get from the night.

All through the night, the Dark-ones indulge.
They do and become things too dark to be mentioned openly;
Whilst I put my soul to rest,
As I fall into the arms of Light-God.

The secrecy of the night warms their cold souls.
Their actions come from dark thoughts and need no light to carry them out.
But the solitude of the night cools my passionate veins;
And my words come from a living spirit and need not be loud.

The night will come when they shall sleep like other men.
But it is not this night!
The night will come when I sleep like they shall.
But this night my spirit is at its peak.

This night they grow and weave darkness,
As though they intend to stop the sunlight from shining at dawn.
This night I am up and bright,
Preparing the way before dawn for the sun to shine.

For even if evil successfully lays its egg,
And hatches into a virile spawn before daylight,
Light can still shine in the belly of the darkness,
And it shall run through the evil spawn with the sword of sunlight.