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My Dilemma

longest road

I was born into the world not too long ago;
So I have not gathered enough experience.
This will be someone’s claim.

A woman indulges in harmful medications/drugs.
She gives birth to a deformed baby.
The baby looks up to the sky to blame the Good Creator.

A baby grows up naïve in a dark world,
Abused by the “wise” grown-ups and suffers.
The child looks up in judgment at the Gentle One

A recently divorced, drunk truck-driver
Knocks over a little child on the day before his 5th birthday.
The parents cry out at the Fatherly One.

The young adolescent hanging out at every night rave with peers
Gets shot at whilst doing dope.
The parents barely restrain their anger at the Innocent One.

The older adolescent would be anywhere but facing the future;
And when soon faced with a life of mortgages and lack,
Looks up and blames the Generous Giver.

The young bride soon becomes a young widow
At the hands of cancer.
She looks up in sorrow at the Loving One.

The middle-aged couple who just got duped and abandoned
By a run-away only son
Look up in query at the Patient Father.

The old man just lost his life-long mate
To a brutal rape by a ‘psychopath’.
He painfully demands of the Just One.

A “wise” philosopher, product of this damaged system
With its warped ways of reasoning which brought it to this cursed shore,
Considers all these and shakes his head at the “All-wise Almighty One”.

Now we think we know it all and are qualified to call out just any “culprit” anyhow.
After all, it’s better than not having an answer.
Or, maybe we just want someone to pour out our frustrations on.

We are very wise now, having the use of philosophy and logic (P&L)
Which, though seems sensible and practicable over time,
Has not changed some easily seen flaws of human nature.

Is it possible that these rules and thinking methods
Cannot solve some riddles, e.g., the unseen world which is nonetheless existing;
So, we should be more careful before sticking out our lives for the P&L originating from US.

Please, I am not out against P&L.
I only want those addressing life’s issues
To look beyond themselves (reasoning and emotion) and up.

To the One who still watches closely,
Even after making us responsible for what happens on earth;
Though He doesn’t interfere at every opportunity.

To the One who was so concerned for us
That he sacrificed what mattered most to him
Just to bring some real meaning and sanity into our existence.

To the One who knows our deadly human nature
Yet offered hope, EXPECTING us to take it freely,
While we turn our backs on him for SO MANY reasons.

Yet a friend of mine has said:
We believe in God.
But, does God believe in us?

P.S.: So, let this innocent mind
Uncorrupted by this crazy cosmos
Speak with wisdom as from above.


Nominated For One Lovely Blog Award




I am honoured to be nominated for One Lovely Blog Award.
I would like to say “thank you” to


for this honour.

According to the rules, I am to state seven things about myself:
1. I am a lover of all nature -plants and animals, water and air, mountains and sunset.(I guess I have covered the four elements. Hehehe.)
2. I play drums, though not often.
3. I favour criminology and personality profiling above all other fields of study (though I am a practising medical doctor).
4. My best hobby is playing chess (and my Elo at the moment is 1874).
5. I can discuss/argue for 24 hours without a break.
6. At the moment, I am a happy bachelor.
7. I am irrevocably, helplessly bound to the supernatural; drafted into Christ’s realm.

The last part of the rule is nominating 15 other blogs I think are deserving of this award. (Please note that I have listed them randomly and not in order of importance).

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The Definition Of Me?

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

…So now…
So I am a blood-y Christian
So I am a black African
So I am a mid-vicenarian
So I am a non-promiscuous bachelor
So I am a medical doctor
So I am a passionate writer
So I am a happy melancholic
So I am a labelled-occasionally immature

…What next…
So I live in the reality of the other unseen world
So I do not give an ant’s piss about skin colour
So I feel I should still be a light-hearted teenager
So I still respect appropriate boundaries on sex whilst feeling free as the air
So I get shamefully caught up in job titles at times
So I am obsessed with writing about the connection between the unseen world and this world
So I really do not believe in rigidly classifying personalities/people
So I am not crazy about appearing mature and respected.

P.S.: So I live in the consciousness of the person and power of the Christ.

Photonote: Light

To those who receive my posts by mail, this post is a photograph of this note:
The light of your life
Is so glaring
It makes me
Blind with tears

A Brief Welcome For The Living Dead


This evening all is red;
Blood flows on the floor.
This season all is dead;
Life shows as a blur.

A dangling ghost,
Falling into deep nothingness;
Blowing from river to coast,
The smell of sweet weariness.

In torment
My experience was hopelessness
For a moment
My existence was formlessness

All the while light was dawning
The seed of pure deity
All the way the life was flowing
The seed of true immortality

In the year I was murdered
I was born
In the river I was submerged
I was borne

And now, may the dead LIVE in perfect peace.