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That Other World

Sunset Beach

I am here again;
This time drifting into this ocean
I once emerged from.

Today, I see myself facing it again;
Looking very different
From what I had always imagined I remembered.

I have been drawn to this ocean for a while now,
Like a wanderlust
That consumes with mad passion.

Looking across,
I KNOW what I must do.
I must be at that other world.

Do I have a death wish?
Definitely not!
I know though, that I HAVE to be at the other side.

I either make it there,
Or live a regret-grated life out here,
By the summer-sun-beaten beach.

The unseen calls out to me;
The spirits haunt my sleeping hours;
The voices crowd my waking hours.

I feel things many others don’t feel.
I see things many others don’t see.
I try to remain calm and collected and certain.

Speak and write online like every other writer;
(Note please: I am not desperate about carving out a niche for myself; )
But my writings come out unusual.

Corrupted (or mildly put, influenced) by these voices,
By the waves from this other world,
From across the ocean.

So , I live like a man
Who is brewing a hurricane in his brain –
Voices from inside clashing with noises from the shore outside

Yes! There are the normal noises from the society out here;
Voices trying to teach me THEIR laws and ways;
Voices telling me to blend in.

But, here I stand on the shore.
I am not sure I can swim this ocean’s length or depth.
But, I will never have any semblance of sanity,

Till the day I die and my bones
Are scattered haplessly along the sands of this shore,
If I don’t yield to this call.

It’s the call of the Supreme Spirit –
Ruler of Heaven Enchanted across the Ocean of Life,
Where I was crafted and birthed.