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The Slow Fade

Deception these days can be purchased at a dime a dozen.
Over the years, mankind has evolved in intelligence and in cunningness. We have invented ways of making something repulsive and inappropriate appear cool. Initially we were aware of this process. We knew we were twisting some values. We engaged in inappropriate acts. What we probably knew but didn’t bargain for was The Change.
If I only needed 5g of “coke” to get high initially, chances are that by about 3 months of active doping, I would need more than that. Err… Dear Reader, you might prove me right by discovering a formula to determine how much more exactly I’ll need. Indeed, man is smarter!

It’s a slow fade –this thing!

So it wasn’t enough we started to tell what definitely we knew were lies,
We started feeling safe about telling these obvious lies,
(When it then came to matters of knowledge, morality and reality),
We had learnt to reason out and intellectualize controversial matters that seem unfavourable, the so-called “grey areas”,
We had learnt to twist issues into what they really are not,
We then started believing those lies to be truth,
We then began to stand up for the lies-become-truth,
We then learnt to proudly declare those lies to be truth and fact and acceptable.

Now, not only are values and truth re-defined and mutilated, our very psyches/minds are now not the same again. We can paint a white picture from black ink.