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Haunting God

With purpose he marched through the gate
God did not enter with a thief’s creeping gait
When he scattered our masters with the sword
When we slaves blissfully slept scattered abroad

He mercilessly spilled their blood
God came on them like a flood
He got himself cut somehow
He won and left anyhow

We stretched and yawned
As a bloody morning dawned
Like expected God’s blood spooked
Like a pheromone it got us hooked

We ran around incoherently
Searching for God fervently
God that caught our attention
God that left our habitation

We left our place unguarded
We leapt into the forest unguided
We were brash and savage
We were passionate beyond gauge

Why did God kill our old masters
When will we have answers
Why is God deliberately taunting
Why are we homelessly haunting

God paid us a bloody visit
God left us with a deficit
He then got us stuck on him
He then had us seeking him

Scouring river after rock
Whilst wild animals did gawk
We were hounds of blood
We were madly trailing God’s blood

We have no past now
We have forgotten home now
We don’t remember how it ensued
We don’t know why we continued

We don’t know how it ends
As we negotiate the bends
Haunting God
Hunting God

Then came the night
God was not yet in sight
As we howled like cannibals
As we dined on some animals

The day came again
God we were yet to gain
As we got guns cocked and gears locked
As those same stupid animals still gawked

We are no more mere flesh and blood
In this trail of God’s blood
Our perspectives have changed
Our old selves deranged

God invaded our living situation
Causing shift and annihilation
Now we are fixated on him
Now we are hounding him

What will happen if we don’t find him
What will happen if we find him
We mindlessly haunt God on
We tirelessly hunt God on

Haa!!! See there a fresh drop of blood…

A Mad Warrior’s Chant

English: ANZAC War Grave Cemetery, Codford St ...

English: A sword fight between U.S. Senators R...

Born a bloody warrior from time;
Nothing ever shivering my spine.
Murder for me is not a crime;
Unholy vengeance is mine.

In battle I am a dancer;
With the sword I beat the drum.
In death I am a drinker;
With blood as my rum.

I leap from space to time,
Stepping on skulls;
My muscles and machete rhyme,
Cutting through guts and galls.

I bash on the foe’s head,
Moving as the breeze.
I watch his blood shed,
Making his heart cease.

I run though a troop
As though unseen;
Laying waste with one scoop
With skills so keen.

Flawless and tireless,
Drugged with my allies’ cheers;
Fearless and merciless,
Drunk on the enemies’ fears.

See the blood flowing like premium wine;
The cluttered bodies like heaped cherries.
See the enemies’ graves of best design;
Swords dyed hot-red like strawberries.

Rest comes to the lazy!
At dusk we wine and dine,
Drive the night crazy,
And grow a drunken spine.