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After The Outcasting…

English: Hurricane Isaac

English: Hurricane Isaac (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We were once close
Till I ran away from you to the beach
To find myself in the sand of sorrows
Where my tent I did pitch

Lying by the beach I cried
Half-wishing I’d dose off
So a midnight tide
Would carry me off

The sea saw my pain deepen
As I poured out my soul to the open
My tears ran for solace in the sea
None can help this unrepentant outcast of the Almighty

Now in the sea, my tears of pain
Became a life-wrecking hurricane
Committing atrocities no less/more than mine
Causing sorrows no less/more than mine

P.S.: You may as well hold me guilty for Hurricane Katrina. That was the first time I neglected God. I repented, but somehow went back to my old ways of rebellion. Then Hurricane Isaac happened the second time I was by the beach.
I plead guilty.
It seemed that even my tears that tried to find peace in the sea fared badly.