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The Mad Poet Versus Humans -Fortitude

A young female of White-fronted Capuchi Monkey...

So the testosterone drive is noted
For making the humans more aggressive,
Just as the adrenaline rush
Makes them stronger.
Did the all-wise Creator carefully make it so?

I’ll summon my monkey colony.
We will pay a nearby human settlement a visit.
Of course, my fellows will have no idea
I am secretly happy for any chance to get at the humans.
We shall wreck their habitation.

A flying coconut here,
A crumbling wood there;
As our hands wreck their wooden houses.
(A monkey curse-word) on the occasional resistant brick houses!
Earth hath no scare like my alpha male-stare.

But, see them.
After a disaster, they come around.
They bend, and slowly re-form.
As they settle down together,
To begin re-building their lives.

They seize on hope more firmly
Than our prehensile limbs can grasp trees.
They reach out and connect,
To salvage from wrecks.
The halo of humanity!

P.S.: So, their hope-force
Is more aggressive
Than the testosterone drive,
And is stronger
Than the adrenaline surge.