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Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

It is encouraging when your work is acknowledged. On one end, there is some degree of “blogstitution” (pardon from those of delicate consciences) where you feel the need to falsely pat fellows on the back for the sake of retaining their loyalties to your blog. On the other end, you get to meet the mind of some writers through their writings and you are -at least -a bit fascinated by what you see. It then goes beyond just their writings for you.
I hope my followers will not give me a false pat for a job poorly done.
My first nomination for this award was by a blogger -Tazein, of -who apparently blogs mainly to inspire people, and I daresay I have enjoyed reading about the things she has gone through. The nomination came as yet another award combining the merits of the versatile blogger award and a very inspiring blog award.
Thank you, Tazein.

The second nomination was by Paul of , a blogger I came upon recently. Without a thought I’d say he is a man of words. Like I told him, his bibliophilia seems to be paying off well. One of the things I enjoy about his writing is the witty way he goes about sarcasm and satire/satirisation.
Many thanks, Paul.

Here is where I am supposed to state seven things about myself. Of course, these are expected to be different from what I have in my “About” page or other awards. At this rate, I wonder how many more awards before I run out of things to say.
1. I regard myself as no more or less than a human being, product of a Creator, with privileges, abilities and limitations.
2. I love virtually all fields of life’s studies -arts, sciences, legal,…
3. I’d rather be playing chess than watching ANY football match.
4. I love heights, and training myself to love scarier heights. Unfortunately, I am not close to any imposing steep mountains.
5. I COULD sleep 12 hours a day for as long as a holiday could afford me.
6. I am always “impressed” by man’s latest inventions at impiety.
7. I am slightly shocked I could successfully complete this list so quickly.

Err…here is the third part which I am running away from. I am supposed to nominate 15 other blogs. I have to scram because I really have not studied many more other blogs than the ones I am used to. These are already sick of being nominated by me for awards; and I am sick of sickening them. For instance, tries all sorts, across different kindda posts, but I am sure she’d de-blog/report me as spam or totally unsubscribe from my blog if I dare mention her again in my awards. There are many other blogs like that. So, I’ll spare us all the “blogache”, nonetheless with profuse apologies for appearing a tad lawless.
Thank you reader for indulging me thus far.
You are released now.

Liebster Blog Award Nomination.

Thanks to for this award nomination. I like what she did with her triple nominations. I also have two awards slung back. Maybe I should also do a double overdue award piece.
You can count on a feeling of adventure from her sites. Her imagination is-and hence, writings are -heavily laden and boldly tainted with the colours of adventure. Like she is a poet of wanderlust. If it were possible, we’d name her matron saint of wanderlusty poets. And she does this in non-voluminous poems/pieces. Who said the witch’s broom had to be long and huge or decorated with engines and wings!

To the questions;
♥ What is your favourite kitchen? Why?
I don’t have a favourite kitchen. I probably should have a customized cuisine because I love to experiment a lot. I also lean slightly towards pastries and pescetarianism.
♥ What you hate the most about people?
Assuming it actually means that, and not what people I hate most, I’d say a proud/haughty/arrogant attitude.
♥ Where would you travel first, if the money won’t matter?
Hmmm….. Big one. Can I resist standing before a huge, terrifying and steepy mountain? Can I not love being one with the depth of the ocean, with all those exotic marine life forms? Why won’t I wanna sleep on the thick jungle floor -the lighting condition at daytime, the humidity and smell of the air, or the animals great and small?
Arrrrrgh!!!!!!!!! I’ll just painfully settle for jung…..
Why would I miss those tall architectural masterpieces, or a flight over the sandy desert dunes, or the rich sight that humanity affords at its epicurean moments in Las Vegas for instance.
I give up!
♥ What is your favourite part of day? Why?
The night when the world is asleep, except for some of us -me, nocturnal animals and inspiration.
♥ Where would you like to live? (anywhere)
A very quiet place equally accessible to a jungle, a river, a long quiet road, and a bustling metropolis. Unrealistic much!
♥ What is one of the funniest things you have ever done?
Ha! I guess the most appropriate is being myself. My mind picks scraps of humour off the most serious, mundane or crazy things/scenarios.
♥ Which movie is better than the book?
Hope the blogosphere will not vomit me if I say I generally prefer a well-directed movie to its book.
♥ What is your favorite song? Why?
Tough one. Let me settle for Audrey Assad’s “The House You Are Building”.
♥ What is the first thing on your bucket list?
If I ever seriously thought up one!
♥ Who is your favorite actor/actress? (name a movie too)
Ha! Hmmm! Let me go for Simon Baker who portrayed Patrick Jane in The Mentalist.

Phew! Nomination time. I am to nominate other deserving bloggers in no particular order (of merit):


Thank you for nominating me for “Blog Of The Year 2012 Award by

dear Tazein of

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