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The Scientific Confusion: a tottering thought

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Artist's conception of the spiral str...

Let’s throw out the pots into the gutter
Though a little cooking is good for the soul
A little confusion brimming in the primordial soup
Bubbles of ethanol rising from the bottom of the pot
And now all the great sages of the earth are carousing
But eh, who can judge them
When they are stuffed with monkey soup
I hope they managed to eat it standing erect
And within a space of a few million years
Many even forgetting to shave whilst at it
Will they successfully prove evolution
By reverse-evolving
Why the obsession with this cookbook
Will seeing the recipe for the primordial soup
Bring back the flavour to this planet-kitchen
Maybe they are not really looking for answers
To the state of man and the kitchen
They just want them bubbles!
Them blissful bubbles of ethanol
And they’ll feel fulfilled by the rush
Or stagger happily under the weight of titles
Professors and Philosophers of them bubbles.
The kitchen lies in decrepitude meanwhile!


Midnight Raves: Words and Wisdom

Moon and Saturn on Mobile Phone

I have heard someone who may have thought himself a sage say:
Without darkness there can be no light;
Without death we wouldn’t appreciate life.
What then is the value of good, if it is incomplete without evil?

Or, maybe it is just because we are confused.
Who has been here before the world began?
Who has been in an existence that had only light and life?
Let him silence these babbling sages who pontificate before me.

Night has come with the peak of life and performance.
Meanwhile the other members of my species
Are lost and dead to the world –
Souls astray in the land of sleep.

One has said to make hay while the MOON shines.
A real sage that one is!
So, let me indulge (in) my garrulity.
Chances are that you will find a useful phrase in the multitude of the words.

It really doesn’t cost much to speak.
It’s way less stressful than typing.
So, give me some credit for the words,
Whilst not forgetting the One who birthed the world through words.

So then what qualifies as a wise saying?
Words many people agree with?
Words that help many people?
Words that are complexly interwoven?

Words that are full of proud vocabularies?
Words that are very simple?
Words that give (any kind of) answer to a tough question?
Can someone please tell me?

Because we speak these days,
And I struggle with the words I hear.
Or, maybe I have been listening to the wrong people.
Maybe I should look elsewhere besides earth.

The kid thinks the father a wisest man.
The lover hooks on the words of the significant other.
The people want to believe the words of the presidential candidate as solution.
The seekers believe the words of their holy books ultimate.

And here this hapless doctor-turn-writer has found himself in this insane universe,
Where sound words are to be mined as precious stones;
In caves that are unstable and treacherous;
And the smooth rider today finds himself in some pit tomorrow.

The Mad Poet Versus Humans -Fortitude

A young female of White-fronted Capuchi Monkey...

So the testosterone drive is noted
For making the humans more aggressive,
Just as the adrenaline rush
Makes them stronger.
Did the all-wise Creator carefully make it so?

I’ll summon my monkey colony.
We will pay a nearby human settlement a visit.
Of course, my fellows will have no idea
I am secretly happy for any chance to get at the humans.
We shall wreck their habitation.

A flying coconut here,
A crumbling wood there;
As our hands wreck their wooden houses.
(A monkey curse-word) on the occasional resistant brick houses!
Earth hath no scare like my alpha male-stare.

But, see them.
After a disaster, they come around.
They bend, and slowly re-form.
As they settle down together,
To begin re-building their lives.

They seize on hope more firmly
Than our prehensile limbs can grasp trees.
They reach out and connect,
To salvage from wrecks.
The halo of humanity!

P.S.: So, their hope-force
Is more aggressive
Than the testosterone drive,
And is stronger
Than the adrenaline surge.

The Mad City Poet -Meets Humans’ Good Side 1

English: Simian statue at a Tokyo shrine. Phot...

My relatives -Gibby, Chimpy and Bonoby
-Are known for being aggressive.
It is not their fault they are slaves to their hormones.
As much as I mock the human species,
They do show some level of control
My fellow monkeys are not capable of showing.
Many cool medidative evenings, hanging from different branches (refer to my posts on “From MY Veranda”),
I have watched these teenagers
Stalkingly eye and visually devour (some cool vocabs the humans have taught me)
Every lady in hot-skirt or tight pants that wanders their way.
(Not that I blame these ladies
Desperately croaking to be heard
Or enjoying to demonstrate some control over the men.)
But, never has any of them leapt after a quarry/game/lady.
(Though, they must have done THINGS in their minds!)
I trust the members of my species
To let the volcanoes of their “heat” erupt.
I have seen bar-fights
End in friendship.
I have seen two-lovers-of-one-man
Unite over their common ill.
I have seen an extremely excited man
Never lift a foot off the ground in a dance.
I have seen a mother angry
But never raised a hand to beat the child.
I have seen an affection-overwhelmed father
Just smile tearfully into the face of his son.
I have seen a boy betrayed,
But patiently forgave his friend.
I have seen a lover hurt,
But still heartily told the partner,
“I love you.”
I have seen two lovers “on heat”
Actually refrain from wild sex.
Even the female members
Who are often accused of being
Illogical and largely intuitive/instinctive
(Some more cool words from
Have demonstrated unfettered wisdom.
I have seen some struggle with unusual sexual appetites
Yet have been kept calm.
I am never one to praise the humans,
But they do have this
That we don’t have.
Their capacity for self-control.

P.S.: The writing monkeys amongst us believe in using so much paragraphs to help humans read better between the lines!

Mad City Poet Meets Humans’ Mad Side 1

The Secret Cave, Enshrouded in Roots


The blind man strolling in the lion’s homely jungle ;
The deaf man dancing to the rhythm of music;
The dumb man auditioning at an opera;
The lame man on the tracks with a cheetah.
Only one other creature boasts louder than humans.

They take dangerous issues lightly.
They want to be seen happy and leading great lives.
They speak falsely authoritatively on things beyond them.
They are passionate about being in control and all-able.
They are so proud they refuse to admit to being so.

My father got sick of them,
And went off into the forest.
After my father prepared them the afrodisiac,
To keep them on heat for as long,
They naturally indulged in indiscriminate use.

What they did not bank on happening
Was the heat burning them out.
They waxed old way prematurely, their vitality burnt out;
Realizing late, that nothing in this realm promises AND delivers –

A life of sizzling vitality, tasty euphoria and rich values.
All in a course of meal!