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Dance (haiku)

English: Picture from a Shen Yun show.

Stranger, let’s dance please
A spontaneous dance of grace
You’ll put me at ease

You known dance-mates cease
Let’s end this long dance of craze
You’re beasts, fade in peace

Haiku -When The Drunk Saw

Wine barrels

Was a wine-lover
Lounging in the evening breeze,
Then saw a wonder.

Red sky turns lively;
Angels whipping demon-butts
Could be seen clearly.

Off to the cellar,
I rolled out my wine barrels
And worked my lighter!

Haiku: Snooziing Ghost /not a comedy!/

It’s been a long life –
Seeking peace, reality, and love;
Dying in its quest


See sad ghost crying
Fearfully expecting doom
Runs helter skelter


Heaven opened up
But the seeker was not found
The tired ghost sleeps

Haiku -Stranded

Look at Earth from the Heaven

Look at Earth from the Heaven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are packing bags.
Planet Earth’s going off course.
We sail for Heaven.

We are safely strapped.
The clock counts down to doomsday.
No pilot for ship.

We now check The List,
And cry: There! The Pilot’s name.
We have locked him out!

Haiku: When Death Smiles

Cabo Home

Baby go tell Dad:
Death, the sly playful monster,
Sitting on my chair.