INSANE RANTINGS: About the category of posts “insane rantings”.

There are times when I am not in any particular mood, yet my fingers itch. So, I do what a beginner does when he has nothing really in mind: just write the words as they come.
So, please, it is ABNORMAL if you read the original copy of any of these notes and understand it.
Anyway, I have provided translations/explanations -well, attempts at translations -of these writings.
Need I say you should feel free to be very critical of these pieces. I won’t bite!
I hope you enjoy being confused!

11 responses to “INSANE RANTINGS: About the category of posts “insane rantings”.

  1. LOL, abnormal is the new normal, it’s all a necessary part of the creative process. BTW, what is normal? LOL!

  2. Hehehehe!!! You are warmly welcome, Earthean.

  3. I think abnormal writing is the only kind I “get” on the first attempt. Should I be worried? : )

    • Oh my!!! Lollll!
      As a doctor, I think you should be worried. I already am worried for you.
      Let’s put you to test.
      What it will cost you: your time.
      So, IF you can take the time, maybe a little at a time, look at some of those posts. You should find the category “insane rantings” on my menu. Click on it and test your level of insanity.
      Will be waiting for you, anytime you are opportuned.

  4. What if we don’t get it and we’re also not normal? lol

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