The Enchanted Writer is first a human being who admits to being one and is irrevocably bound to the supernatural. He is interested in the arts (music, writing, graphics, acting), sciences/the scientific way (inquiry, truth-finding, playing with electricity and electronic gadgets, and getting minor shocks while at it), legal proceedings, wildlife and nature (both plants and animals). He does  not keep pets, but wouldn’t mind having almost any animal. He loves playing chess ( http://www.chess.com/members/view/krystophyr ) and table tennis, and watching movies. As at the time of this update, he is a bachelor. He is also a medical doctor interested in Forensic Psychiatry.

Writing comes naturally, and is not all about release from stress or pain. It is a lot about keeping in touch with his world. He peeks into other worlds (of people) around him. At times, he peeks into the unseen world too!

He wishes to help people see the unseen world as real as this present world. And, he also writes to give Inspiration relief, when He barges in on the enchanted writer’s peace rudely! He (Inspiration) is quite a persistent fellow.
The Enchanted Writer’s literary alter-ego is the monkey -The Enchanted Monkey. You may know more about this from his posts.

He willingly identifies with the unconventional thinkers, being nicknamed one himself. (Well, it was actually the term “crazy”!) He is not passionate about being labelled unique, though. He helplessly is, by design.

He occasionally writes on request for other people or functions.

He acknowledges your visit and followership.

Thank you.


40 responses to “About

  1. paperportraiture

    Hi! thank you for liking my posts, it’s nice to come across your blog and read your poetry. you seem to be a really nice person, which is always good! all the best to you =)

    • realityenchanted

      I am not aversed to compliments; and so I thank you for checking out my blog. Please, let me ask what made you say I must be a nice person? I really did enjoy your writing as I do not just “like” writings indiscriminately. Hehehe!

      • paperportraiture

        Oh just the general tone in which things are written here, and some of the writings I read. It all seems heartfelt and sincere and I really liked that =) Well thank you very much, it really means a lot when somebody actually liked what you do, it’s very appreciated. So thank you again! =)

  2. realityenchanted

    Your compliments are well-received!
    Thanks a lot. You have made me several moons brighter tonight.
    Acknowledged and appreciated.

  3. Congratulations!!I have nominated you for a lovely blog award!! My link, where I mentioned your nomination is:
    Good luck to you, you are a talented writer!

  4. Nice blog but I must say your lay out is kinda confusing me! Where is what? lol

  5. paperportraiture

    Hey! Well, like I’ve been saying to everybody, I havent been able to get back to comments and awards because life has been extremly hectic, but i had to take a few minutes to stop by and nominate you for the One Lovely Blog Award, and thank you for choosing me before. Congratulations!! 🙂 If you want to see it and read it, here it is: http://paperportraiture.wordpress.com/awards-and-thank-yous/

    • Why thank you indeed, paperportraiture.
      The gesture is well-received and appreciated.
      Wow! Time to get to work.
      Is it possible to merge my response to this nomination with my first nomination, since both are for the same award?

      • paperportraiture

        Yeah of course! Same thing happened to me, I just thanked both people and put up one picture. They’re your awards, feel free to do as you please 🙂 I don’t believe in all the rules that go along with them, they feel like conditions. So you’re very welcome!

  6. My dear I have nominated you for blog of the year award, please visit this link for the detalis:http://www.transcendingbordersblog.wordpress.com/2012/12/14/blog-of-the-year-award/ Congratulations!

  7. you are an interesting fellow…mmm a puzzle

  8. Excited to dive into this versatile blog of yours – feeling enriched already 🙂

  9. Hey Chris! Where’s your enchanted musings these days? Incubating? 😉 Anyway. Stopped in to say hello…

  10. Good luck with that!
    I’ll come to your house, see what you were able to make of it. Hope your door is open!

  11. Hehehehe!!!!!!!
    And here we go again!
    I gotta say I agree with a lot of what you said in your award reception speech. I am also a slacker with replying awards.
    Err…am I not supposed to link back to your page and thank you? Well, here I come.

  12. Christopher, I’m so sorry to do this to you, but I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Congratulations! I know this is your third, but I didn’t see that until ’twas too late. You don’t have to accept it, I just want more people to check out your blog 🙂

    • No problem, Realiction. On the contrary, your gesture is well acknowledged and appreciated. I have about four outstanding awards now. I am still overwhelmed, but I hope to respond to all these awards -yours inclusive -as soon as I feel able. Thank you very much again, Realiction.


    Howdy, Thank you for visiting American Male hope you come back and visit soon!

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  15. Hi, Christopher. So, here I was stalking your blog today, and then everyone kept calling you Doc. And I realized – I haven’t read your About Page. Okay… Nice boi, there. I wish I could write something like that.

    Have a great day, Doc! 🙂

  16. betweentruthandhope

    Hallo Christopher! Your poems are special and thought-provoking. You have a lot of talent!

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