cover pix of book 2

If someone had told me two years ago that I would be writing a book, well.

I wish to clearly state, not in the manner of a disclaimer, but as a matter of fact that this should not be seen as exactly a book. I honestly can barely find remote similarities to one. This means that this is to be approached with very low expectations. Thank you.

It is actually more like a journal of my musings on issues relating to the science-religion discourse. More than that, it shows some actual conflicts I may have gone through as I tried to navigate this curious issue.

I hope you enjoy seeing me walk naked.


The link to the pdf file, hosted on google drive is


Download and enjoy freely.

I should post the link to my first collection later. Apparently, I have two collections to my name now. *sighs


Yours shamelessly,

2 responses to “WALKING ABOUT NAKED

  1. Look forward to checking it out. Wondered what you had been up to. Hope all is well and you are blessed. = 7

    • Hello Tango,

      I have been away, and away. I hope something more meaningful becomes of my writing for all of this.
      I am not sure when I will be coming back fully; or maybe I’ll breeze in and out sporadically. But, I hope to always pay you a befitting visit.

      Happy always hosting you.

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