Prose or poetry


I can never amount to that
Like those who shamelessly
Tirelessly aspire to glory
They seek novelty among the regular

I don’t coordinate that long
My thoughts are unfaithful
Shamefully capricious
I try to write a good story
Like a famed novelist
But I don’t get a page through

Novelists are manipulative and dubious
They live for masks
They conjure strings of words
But you never see the start or end
They say it is fiction
But we know it is gossip
They say they write about human lives
But we know they write eulogies to themselves

I am as plain as you read me
See my lines
Full of little short words
That don’t even aspire to the ceiling
Look at them broken apart
I can never seem to write sentences
Long enough to fill the screen
Even when I have ideas that long
I never seem able to write a full line
I always fall short
I always walk within my mortal limits
I’m no demigod like novelists
And other citizens of the Writing Kingdom
I’m an outcast
A dribbler
A scribbler
A conman

Look one last time at my lines
The next not logically linked to the previous
I am humble
I am broken
My thoughts are as fragmented as they appear
Disjointed as my lines
Verbose and circumstantial
My imagination loose and childish
Floating like a kite in lightning
My scattered lines betray my mortality
Seeming close to paradise
But never quite making it for the life of me
Left trudging near the edge

P.S. Hope the reader knows this is not a poem.

14 responses to “Prose or poetry

  1. Bukky Shaba

    Yes, we realize this is not just a poem. If I didn’t know any better, I would say it sounded a bit like an invite to a pity party.
    How are you doing brother? It’s been a minute.

    • Hello sister! Been aeons indeed! I have been in technological adversity. Not yet over.
      Hahaha! Doesn’t it. Unfortunately, I’m not in partying mood. I was just saying different kingdoms exist in the literary world. I realize I may not be cut out to be a writer. Maybe I’m just one of those vagabond ranters. I gave due credit to the writers. I probably am also getting some for my own manner of expression of my disorganized thoughts. Any extra credits for humility?
      Thank you very much for your visit.

  2. Your prose are always genuine and heartfelt …..nothing could be more poetic. = >

  3. Shards Of DuBois

    I love your rants Doc! This one seems a little angry, or disappointed, but you write wonderfully, very powerfully sometimes, so quit putting yourself down and take a stand on writing from your heart… who gives a shit about style these days… just write what you want…. and screw anyone who doesn’t like it!! lol and I hate to point it out, but it was very poetic, and you know it… so quit acting like you’re not a poet! Tricks are for Rabbits!! 😛

  4. What you wrote was what I needed to read. I’ve been struggling with my writing for quite some time now. Maybe this will help me get out of this rut. Keep on writing beautifully!

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