They say

If you leave a rough little child

Long enough by the river bank

He will become better


He will be washed clean

And gently be eroded

By the clear running water

Till he ceases to exist




Been years waiting by the river bank

I am still the same

Maybe he will come

Maybe he will do as he wants

And I will have no say


I remain the same

Even if I feel dry during the drought

And I can’t pretty much find passion for anything

I can’t even notice I am dry


Or choked during the rains

And can’t handle all the normal things

Other human beings enjoy handling

All the pleasant emotions and moments

And miracles and experiences


The heat refused to melt me

During the harshest of times

And cold means little to me

I don’t take pleasure in being aloof


I am still waiting

Maybe he will come

To touch me

That is all I want


Maybe he will touch me

At my curves and spots

And straighten me out




Making me wet

He won’t be rough or harsh

He will just touch my edges lightly

And gradually smoothen me out


Please come

River spirit

This little stone is rough

Make it smooth


Been waiting here by the river bank

All these years

Watching all those seasons and tides

Remaining unchanged


But when he comes

The river god will use his water

To smoothen me out

As he makes me wet all over



Or maybe just for luck

He will wear me out

As water erodes the rock

And that will be the end of my story!


BACKGROUND: “River God” by Nicole Nordeman playing in the background.

I am taking a step back tonight from shamelessly bemoaning and eulogizing the sad state of life today.

I am taking a step forward today into the hope that things will be better and light will shine.

But, somehow, I am still carrying the cynicism along with me through the door into that hope.


14 responses to “RIVER GOD

  1. MicheleMariePoetry

    The river gods would be pleased by your faith in them…What happens is that the river gods do all that they’ve promised, but while you’re not looking. One day you will see it!

  2. Reblogged this on Smile Circulation and commented:
    Beautiful poetry & image

  3. don’t wait to be changed – become the change

  4. You always grab me right by the tender bits… of my emotions, I mean… simmer down…

  5. Water is a powerful medium, and symbol. But washing away one’s sins or rough edges is an illusory mind game. We are the creative sparks of life, with all our inherent limitations. Only wake up! 🙂

  6. I don’t mind the cynicism… but I love the hope. And I hope the River God treats you well.

  7. Some of us are sandstone or limestone – easily shaped and moved by the Water; others are igneous granite – not easily moved or changed. The encouraging word is that when God does move them they tend to be the most useful. I would imagine that Paul was such a rock. In time – all rocks submit to the will of the Water. https://youtu.be/ex54RTDVGkE = >

  8. Speaking of rivers – I wanted to share one of my favorite river songs with you : https://youtu.be/mSAqkGU2nQ4 = >

  9. Shards Of DuBois

    can’t believe I missed this one.. wow! so incredibly sad. I hope you’re doing ok bud! need a poem or two… let us know you’re ok! 🙂 XXOO

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