If looking through your window in the rain doesn’t move you, or even looking at this picture doesn’t touch you, then you need to see me for evaluation.

Finally I have seen it all

I have seen all the seasons of life

All different kinds of people

I have learnt all there is to know


Time to dance to the last rain


Gradually these clouds gather

Heavy nimbus clouds

Carefully in formation

These kinds don’t come by accident or regularly

These dark clouds over my estate only

They snigger playfully, sardonically, as they march in place

And soon some sweet little rain drops show

They trek carefully down my windowpane

In sync with those down my cheek

In-between these drops I see seasons of my life gone by


In-between these rain drops

I count the many blessings I have enjoyed in my short living

I see the many smiles that have wrinkled my old handsome face

The bright mornings I woke up happy and strong

The sweet quiet times strolling in the midnight

The awards and honours to a distinguished psychiatrist

Who has seen the chaos of men’s souls and survived

The wealth I have amassed and shared


In-between these tear drops

I count the many sorrows I have suffered in my short life

I see the many frowns that have wrinkled my old gravely face

The grey mornings I have felt like lying all day crying in bed

The loud weary times toiling away in the sun

The dilemmas and confusions of a chronic shrink

Who has not remained the same after seeing the mind’s darkness

The heartbreaks I have amassed and caused


I say no word

It is loud enough as it is

I am still quiet and peaceful

Totally at ease with the clouds in my world

I have cleared my house and sorted out my affairs

The stage is wide-set and the audience seated

They wait happily for my debut

For how I dance as I exit

At the applause of a million showers of the last rain


BACKGROUND: I find myself recently constantly wondering how actually short life is. For anyone like me who runs a tight schedule (and I can count many of you that I have met), you occasionally scold yourself for not stopping to breathe or enjoying happier moments than when you have just completed some project and soon you define your moments by your professional/work accomplishments. It’s only occasionally we do this because we are way too busy to even indulge in such thoughts. We soon are lost in our “slavings-away”. For all the drama and activities we go through as humans, the whole story seems so short and pretty incomplete for a movie producer to even make a timeless classic from.

Here’s a little reminder and toast to the fact. A reminder that itself will not last long. A reminder that will be gone and forgotten with the first drop of the next rain over my little tropical city.

19 responses to “THE LAST DANCE

  1. I love this… but trust me… you ain’t seen nothing yet…

  2. This right here!

  3. Shards Of DuBois

    oh but you have a LONG time to go, my friend. stop and smell the roses, the rain, and shed only a single tear for your past… your future is still burning brightly. Maybe you should try not to burn that candle at both ends!! 🙂

    • Who knows how long I have?
      Hahaha! Yes, you are not the only one who gets to bask in the glory. I do smell the roses. I do gaze at the fishes. I do stare at the long blades of grass who don’t feel hot, but enjoy the tropical midday sun -and for that moment, I do not feel or resent the burning sun, but somehow I just am like them REALLY in that moment. I do stop in the showers of rain on my way back from work and feel like the air being soaked with the rain.

      • Shards Of DuBois

        you always surprise me Doc, with your touch to the earth and feelings. most psycho docs are all left brain sided, but you are more right sided I think…. which is kind of amazing… in your field. don’t think I ever heard of any of the greats thinking quite like you do. it’s a good thing!! 🙂

  4. Shards Of DuBois

    when it’s truth, you can! just say thank you! you can still be humble and be complimented! just don’t get all uppity about it! hehehehe

  5. Shards Of DuBois

    I was saying that in a teenager’s voice… lol

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