[High-pitched melodious music]

A newborn baby is born


How innocent! *sardonic snigger* (source: telegraph.co.uk)


I came into the world

Pure and innocent

Through a round, soft, most-abused road

The road travelled by all men

Both sages and fools alike

I was completely unbothered about the strange environment

I was invincible after all

And for my sake alone the universe had slowed


Then the buxom midwife raped me!

As she snatched me from my mother

And cut off that soft secure attachment

Like a sexual sadist roughened me

A patting here, a smothering there

Said she was trying to make me cry

She told my mum crying babies made her horny

She then rubbed oil all over me

Just the way she liked it

And mom looked on

She had even dared dip a dildo* into my mouth

Said she needed to suck out the mucus in my throat

I knew I saw something creamy in that sinful tunnel

Same tunnel that had traversed the road from whence I came

The sinful tunnel

Used by sages and fools alike

On the round soft road

And I could swear this cream was going into my mouth

And not coming out as she lied to my mother

I cried!!!


Mom smiled

Her baby was crying

I wish I could tell her what was happening to me


I was being defiled

I wept for what seemed like hours

Mom later told me I had cried at birth for about 50 whole seconds!




The midwife had fondled with my fragile sinless gonads

Said she was wiping off the meconium*

Is coprophilia* even real?


Finally, rest comes

God rested on the seventh day

I was settling down on the eighth day

When the doctor pulled his stunt


This paedophile called it circumcision

As he clamped my innocent sweet little hot-doggy penis

And he cut the crown of pride away

Yet he wasn’t sued


Eventually I grew older




Oh father, dear father!

“Son, once upon a time I killed a lion.

Santa Claus lives at the North Pole

God is a sky-giant-djinee who lives to grant all your wishes”




I am in for a life of lies and trials

Rape comes in different circumstances.


{To be continued…}

Word helper:

Dildo: Should mean an artificial penis, but I think what the midwife used was the regular suction tube for newborns.

Meconium: the first faeces of a newborn, usually stains the pelvis.

Coprophilia: a sexual preference for faeces. It’s a real condition. I did not make it up. Google it.

BACKGROUND: As any frequent visitor might guess, this is a bit too vulgar for my usual themes in writing.

Anyway, I stumbled upon bits of this I wrote from a while ago and it seemed very appropriate to develop and finally post. This is because of how I feel when I consider the state of humanity and planet today. I feel I must repeat: even though my writings seem mostly cynical, I actually have good thoughts regarding humanity generally. Despite these good thoughts, the sad reality is: these are critical times to bring a child into, and I wonder what I will say if I should make it to the close of this century. I wonder how starkly different the next 50 years are gonna be, in everything –science and technology, law and crime, morals and spirituality, art and entertainment, ecosystem and energy.

This very thought is heavy enough to keep awake all night tonight.

19 responses to “RAPED

  1. Speechless. I’ve never seen such words from you. I barely know how to react, because that was a visceral gut punch. I give you a million credits for writing this, and in this way, Doc. A million ounces of respect, too. Would that we could remember how we felt when we were born…

    On your explanatory paragraph, let me ask you: could not someone fifty years ago have said the same thing about the here and now? Aren’t we better than we were five decades ago? You could argue not. I think we are better. I think there is eminent hope out there. I know you believe that too. Play the cynic if you want, my friend. But it’s only a play.

    • I am happy this wasn’t a waste and you appreciated it.

      It’d be something, eh, to remember how we really felt.

      You tickle and lure me, sir Trent, with that question. Ha! I have often heard oldies say of this age -that we are much worse. Maybe the expressions are better as time goes on. I’ll explain. Maybe we have not changed much on the inside, but same creativity finds better ways of expressing itself, drawing from lessons of the past and the changing environment. Maybe we have always been at this moral level, but have found better ways of being degenerate, drawing from lessons of the past in how to be decadent.
      Frankly, this is hard to argue.
      It’s actually easier to argue that: our average IQs have improved over time. It’s easier to argue that: for creativity to find newer ways of expressing itself (different from all that’s ever been done) then that’s an even higher level of ingenuity. It’s easier to argue that: having tasted how much immediate gratification being careless about morals brings, we have found it easier over time to just live for our selfish ends only. The list goes on.
      But, kindly observe: even though all my points above may not be quote accurate, I appear to hold both positive and negative opinions in sincerity.
      Hehehe! I’m not being just the cynic, much as I relish the role.

      • I can never see you as a cynic, Doc. Never. I agree, we have learned to be selfish and self-absorbed, but we have also done good things. We really have.

        Certainly this was not a waste of anything. It is stark, original, and blessed with a level of creativity that occasionally pokes its head through our eyes and gives us the energy to soar.

  2. Makes me glad that I hatched from an egg. = > Actually; a stunning and well written piece that drives home your point…………like a Maserati!!! Cheers!

  3. Wawuuuu!
    Those words raped my ears & thoughts. I had to keep checking to be sure I had the right site but I must say, it’s a very creative piece and i’m glad I didn’t really need the background to understand the piece.

    Keep up the good work & Pls warn us when you’re about to surprise us like this. Coprophilia? Seriously? SMH

    • Oh dear! What have I done?
      Glad also you didn’t need the background.

      I will give a fair warning, ma.

      I’m afraid so. And the list is endless. You may wanna check out urophilia (urine), klismaphilia (enemas), autonepiophilia (diapers), autagonistaphilia (strangers), etc.

  4. Shards Of DuBois

    O M G… Doc! I was thoroughly shocked and you KNOW how much that takes!!! I would have hit like, but to be honest, it was too close to the cold hard truth for me to like it! But, you are absolutely right, horribly, horrifyingly right! And I must say… we haven’t gotten better, not deeply where we need to. Maybe we have clean water, maybe we have drugs to help disease, and maybe we have found ways to make it out into the universe, but deep down, there is so much base evil, disgusting awful people out there, that we had to give a name to their horrifying acts, like that makes it legit. Makes it acceptable because they have some “disease”…. nope… they are just corrupted by Satan and evil to the core. There is no gray… it is black and white… we just can’t accept it so we lie to ourselves.
    Really powerful writing though!! I was truly impressed you actually posted it!!
    You’ve got some seriously large balls!!!! lol 🙂

    • Glad you liked it, Shardy. Sorry for the shocks.

      I see you are facing it raw. I am constantly amazed at how far we seem intent on going with our dark side.
      If only we could see things that clearly. But I am afraid we are probably too blind to draw clear lines. And the more we seem to know, the harder it feels to draw the lines between black and white.

      Oh dear! And I am not even a football fan.

  5. Geez Doc, kinda makes me wish we all had home births underwater, warm, pleasant, loving transition. Look on the plus side, getting raped like that made you the man you are today! Am i right? Quite all right old friend, there’s always someone to blame, we’re human. 😉

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