A Postcard From My Life


{No, it’s not the road I’m on!}

Please pray for me
I no longer know the road I’m on
It’s a long road
With so many bends I can’t see a mile ahead of me
It’s hard to see far ahead when life throws you the curves
Nothing is certain anymore
And then the winds blow and I see sandy mists here and there
There are shape-shifters and I can never tell reality from fantasy
There are mind-shifters and I can never tell right from wrong
I am straining through blood-and-sweat-smeared glasses
And all I see are shades of grey
Not greys of a thunderstormy cloud
The flood would be an exciting change
But greys that becloud my judgment and sense of morality
Greys that want to make me regret I have a sense of morality
Greys that want to make me throw away my sense of morality
Along with everything else I have lost on this long road
Thinking I’d be travelling light and simple
Unknowing that some complicated baggages
Contain some bare necessities
For an easier life-journey


Ha! There! More like it.

{This would be it!}

Pray for me on this road I’m on
I left my car a mile and week ago
There are trees here and there looking at me
They are not bothered
Are they me
Have they been called to a life like mine
Keep looking, trees
Pray for your souls
That the woodcutter may still have a son who remembers him
And so he’d never have to retake his job to earn his living
Keep looking monkeys
Called to a blissful life lounging on tree branches
Pray for your souls
May I never find a stranded and lost soul-of-a-knife
At a period I may want to have monkeysoup
I am still too far concerned about wildlife conservation
And will not harm a hair on your butts
Besides, you are my only companions
No, I do not think you beneath me
I don’t have the luxury of that complex
You can stare hard and unblinking at me all you want
So long you acknowledge
I am alone on this journey
Though we be on the same road
So long you take a minute from your busy lives
To say a prayer for me
Thank you.

12 responses to “A Postcard From My Life

  1. A lot to take in, but well phrased and stated as always. Love the picture at the top. You’ve given much to contemplate before we comment further; but do know that you’ll never walk alone and are a faithful patron in our thoughts and prayers. Peace and blessings from the Tribe. = >

  2. Shards Of DuBois

    no one gives a monkey’s ass for the beginning, or the ending, or even the reason….it’s the journey that matters. yours may be long and hard, but you rise above it daily, Doc. and when you don’t, He’s there holding you by the tail, trying to keep you from jumping from tree to tree… when He knows you’ll be just as happy sitting still at his feet. 🙂 oh, and will be praying for you! xxoo

  3. Dreams and legends are made of things like that… words meant to be remembered, preserved, repeated along the road by whomsoever should pass aftewards… I will say a prayer, Doc, for you and for the rest of us too.

  4. Riveting, soul searching, thought provoking and, I can relate. Though we travel our minds to poles of cosmos along lost trails, yet, we also find our resolve in HIM. Hence, we bend our knees, soul and spirit as we renew our entirety and come out brand and uncut again.

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