Of music and dance and torture

They are there again, just like they were yesterday.


As if that was all that mattered. Wonder when that’d be me! *sigh* (Oh, please just don’t die from your fall to the ground.) (Source: online, unknown)


See, my day has been just good

I manage to make a living and don’t complain

But these guys just want to make me cry

I have never done anything to hurt them

I patiently wait for a snake-child to cross

If ever our paths crossed

And I definitely never hurt fleas

But they do not let me be

They know what time I pass by every evening

On my way back from work

They see me lost in thought in some part of my mind

And with the other part looking all around me critically appraising my environment

Looking for new stimulation and absorbing the world around me

They see me all the while nodding my headphone-padded head to some beat

So they settle at that same spot, right on scene

Working up the steam on their acts and arts

Up to that moment when I walk by

They start with regular beats and moves

They know I never miss the wicked musical gears and sound system

They know I notice their eternally killing matching sleek black outfits

They know I am not be able to stop them

They then work their ways up

Throwing in increasingly complicated moves

With recklessness, as if he did not care about living till the next day..

With recklessness, as if he did not care about living till the next day..

Moves they don’t care that it will take aeons for me to learn

The choreographer stands near the mouth of the formation

Not part of the dance because he apparently has a higher purpose

Watching out closely for my every micro-expression

At how maddeningly his well-planned moves are being executed by the dancers

The rappers take the centre of the platform

With lines that could make a gentleman go bonkers

Reeling out rhymes that could make a poet dream

Of the age when poetry must have been born from rap

An age that he was not aware of

They build up steam steadily

And when they know I draw closer they increase the volume of the mixer

Or how else would it sound louder in my ears

They know it’s evening and the breeze will serve them well

Then they show moves that make them seem to be flying

They sway and slither and bounce and lock and pop and stomp

All with every movement of the easy breeze

They make me read meaning into every breath and hiss of the air

They obey the wind

The rappers’ lines carrying on the wind in a way that defied physics

I got distinction in physics

But for the beauty I saw all those years in school,

They seem like dirt compared to what these guys do with the wind

Moments I wish I were deaf

So I’d not hear the steady booms against my ear drums

Making me head shake subconsciously like one having a focal seizure

Never mind, the bass would still make my heart and viscera resonate

Or better still, I be blind

Then I would not see these wicked wizards and shape-shifters

Floating in the wind at times and other times sharply moving like electricity

Never mind, the thuds of their feet as they stomp would get to me somehow


See, there! That moment when he (in this case, Lecrae Moore) goes insane, as if possessed by something inhumanly. And the crowd goes lunatic…. (source: online, unknown



That moment of mad paralyzing ecstasy… an experience to kill, or die, or live for…. (Source: online, unknown)

Then they watch for the climax

That moment

When a straight-faced calculating and sober-minded adult doctor suddenly bursts into tears

Because he cannot understand why they would taunt him

With such displays of artistic perfection

Don’t tease and call me “only human after all”

What am I to do

If you cut me I bleed

I am human

If you rap and move like that

I cry with longing and envy

Wishing I could be you,

Right there

In that moment

Wielding the greatest weapon you have over me now

Your mad love for the lines and moves

With that confidence and ease accompanying your ability to do them

That you know I can read very clearly all over you

In that moment

Right there

When a scientist who lives on and deals with facts and Pure and Undefiled Science

Is brought figuratively to his knees

Before a phenomenon he has no control over

As he literally quickens his heels

His eyes already leaking tears


It just is unfair!

17 responses to “Of music and dance and torture

  1. Shards Of DuBois

    Did you see this concert? Lecrae rocks it! 🙂

    one of the few rappers I LIKE!! 🙂

  2. just lovely, fine dance, music, performance art has that effect on those who can appreciate the grace n’ beauty of life. we witness perfection because our natural state is perfect, therefore we have an affinity to experience the sublime, the orgasmic, the ultimate in being… just who we are. 🙂
    keep smakin’ out the beats doc, you divine living comedy!

    • Hello Maddey! Much glad seeing you again.
      Hmmm… interesting analysis. Maybe because we have some measure of perfection in us, OR because we have none, so we recognize the display as being far above and different from what we have? Which do you choose?
      But, art could be quite an experience. I know this is far from making you as envious as you make me of your experience with the opera, but I shan’t stop. I will make you see that I also manage to catch expressions of awe even though I sadly don’t get to see the opera much.
      Thank you Maddey.

      • Blessed are the ones who find awe in everyday life, as seen through the eyes of a child for the first time. I’m sure there’ll be other opportunities to enjoy the opera. Be well my friend! 🙂

        • Thank you. But I have a feeling you are smiling under your typing fingers, saying that yeah! Take that you loon! I revel in the glory of the Opera! Ha!
          Oh well! You should see me go mad at some awesome displays of dance or rap.
          By now, I hope we all agree this is not just about how cool a work of art is, but how we react to it. And this is why I am sad to admit that you express your reactions to the opera more passionately. Doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy dance far better than I show it. Ha!

  3. Freekin’ awesome… the snake-child thing was good… and how do they ever do those moves the very first time???

  4. Wielding the greatest weapon you have over me now
    Your mad love for the lines and moves……

    There are few things I love more than a person full of passion and excellent at what (s)he does…..reminds me of Abba.

    ….and music…and dance….Yhor!

  5. I can’t hear rap, Doc, but I heard this poem loud and clear. You capture music, which is perhaps the hardest thing for writers to do. And the thing I most want to do. Thank you for this – can’t believe I missed, but I have been absent for a bit and glad I caught up. Hope you’re well.

  6. Ridiculous story there. What happened after?

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