Rainy Life’s Seasons

crazy man in the rain...

crazy man in the rain…

Sneaky winds jump around the sky
With joyous malicious whistles
Dark clouds gather together
In sadistic congregation.

No! This is not just another rainy day
Another bland nature poem
Nor a hifalutin attempt at shameless self-aggrandizement
By a writer with inferiority complex

Carry me out dear nutty wife
Lovingly throw me into the open
I love liberating feels of breezes
But just a shell-y man scared to get out

The feverish anticipation
Of what weather holds today
Makes my body shake ecstatically
Like it happened last night

One by one
I lose my selves
My anxious personality
My prim obsessive-compulsive

The showers start
I look behind the clouds high up
Asking, daring the Creator-God
To do better than just showers

Ha! But I know
He can do more
I tell him I can handle his worst blessings
Tell him to come out from behind clouds


From around the corner
The flood pours out
Across my village cottage
On a hillside

I throw away my cane
Bloody old man that I am
Take a gladiator stance
Look the blessed flood in the face

Flood hits me in the beard
Creator stifles a snigger
Flood sweeps me off my foot
I start to drown, laughing

Shame on me!
For all my boasting
Steee-rike one n’ I’m out!
Sliding down the hillside

A shameless old man
One-legged, dancing
Drenched in happiness
In a flood of rain

Screaming out a holy swearword
“God will be the death of me!

BACKGROUND: I am probably one of the few species of men *eyes rolling* who show genuine appreciation for many different seasons (though I favour a burning sun least of all). The rains are officially starting in my part of the world and I never tire of how refreshed and invigorating it makes me feel.

the rain's awe...
the rain’s awe…

This evening, it brings to mind the many ways I play with the Unseen. As true as it is that science has explanations for many things, it does not make a case in court AGAINST the unseen and non-material wonders that exist here. The two sides can coexist. Forget for a moment the [visible] people that misrepresent the invisible.
I remember past happy seasons of my life… from the shocking big blessings… to simple pleasures like raining showers on my skin. And I am making new happy memories. In the midst of many difficulties faithfully stalking my daily life like psychopaths.
The Creator has got His ways!

22 responses to “Rainy Life’s Seasons

  1. http://youtu.be/xVN7yruV3aE A favorite song for an outstanding piece. Fantastic!!!! = >

  2. That was awesome. What would life be without seasons?

  3. Dear shameless old man, I had no illusions whatsoever that you would take the dry, cracked sun over the breathing of rains. But I must ask, what would you make of swirling snows and ice storms? The air is cold but as clean as it can get.

    Doc, your ability to write a real poem while spinning a narrative (or is it vice versa?) is unmuted. This is probably one of my favorites from you.

  4. Shards Of DuBois

    oh Doc, that was awesome! I dare you to dare Him!!! I do all the time, lol. Love me some lightning and thunder, and dumping rain blasting through with wind, makes my heart race with joy! but then, I can only kayak on sunny days! so I take them all, and smile up! I especially loved how the “creator stifled a snigger!” lmao take that you stinker, I’ll make you bow! (He says!)

  5. Where are you, Doc?

  6. Shards Of DuBois

    Wasup Doc?? you OK? hey, I just wanted to add on this post, you have got to be the first writer I have ever seen take an “intermission” during his own post… cracked me up!!! and Have you got another blog you’re doing that I don’t know about??? Please let me know if so! NOW get to writing!!! we miss you!

  7. Haha! I must have been under the rock.. This is it!!

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