Autumn’s song 1


(Source: unknown, online)

Something’s wonderful
About autumn’s signature
Sometimes making one artful
Out on the roof with nature

It’s leaf by leaf
Breath by breath
The tree heaves with relief
Burdensome leaves crash to death

On the forest flooring
Scope the bloodbath
Those souls autumn is tearing
Sprinkling on life’s sad path

Several meters up
Same autumn sings reverently
Once like a full inverted cup
Tree now stands silently

From a close distance
The writer observes
Taking a humble stance
The awesome nature deserves

Birds sing no more
Staying away from this tree
Now bereft of glamour
But feeling so free

Work your art writer
Sing with the season
As trees around you falter
Write without reason

Of the tree feeling great
Its life-giving leaves fall
To hope for fresh leafy weight
Or die slowly with ease by next fall

25 responses to “Autumn’s song 1

  1. Hi C 🙂

    Warm wishes to you

  2. Doc, it is winter here but obviously not winter there… one of your best, and such a fitting return. I don’t recall you rhyming like this in the past… it suits you.

    Hope you are well and refreshed.

    • It’s hot over here.

      Thanks much, kind sir Trent. Glad you enjoyed it.
      This is where I give the clichéd response which sounds like I shy from rhyming when I know it will water down the piece.

      I honestly can’t say I am back, but thanks.

  3. wait… so you got that from a guy named Source Unknown??? Or the picture is from him? Do you even do your own stuff, man???

  4. Shards Of DuBois

    that was beautiful Doc, made me miss the leaves. ours here are soggy and almost dirt again! of course that describes me too, 😉

    • Glad you enjoyed it Shardy.
      Hope you have been preserved with some semblance of sanity notwithstanding. I hope none ever becomes like a leaf that falls off the tree for there is no getting back on. I do get you though. I bet most people fluctuate through life’s seasons. Few ever stay the same, if such people really exist.

  5. This is lovely Doc, autumn is my favorite season. cool and comfortable, gentle on the skin, perfect season for reflection and slumber.

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