Monthly Archives: November 2013


It rises and sets
It runs and it dries
It falls and it stops
It blooms and it fades
It comes and goes
And I am none the better for it


(Source: online)

I see people’s faces
And their souls hiding under their skins
Afraid to show themselves
For what they really are

Afraid to show the darkness in them
Afraid to admit to their monstrosity
Afraid to show what light they have
Afraid to stand up for right

I tickle pleasantly by their hopes
I smile softly at their sincere frailties
I smell the stench of their darkness
I twitch curiously at their pride

I laugh like a schizo-manic “madman”
Totally almost exaggeratingly fascinated
By the little details of peoples’ actions
Like pawns making curious moves on the chessboard

And I am always amused
By the limits of our strengths and knowledge
Despite our acting like we are more than THIS
I am always there seeing all

I span the traditions of ages and places
I see into the future
And I’m not even psychedelic or grandiose
I live for them all
I blow their trumpets -rusty and all
It’s never about me

From when the sun rises all day till it sets
When the river runs till it dries next season
Both under the rain and when showers cease
In the season when flowers fade all through autumn
From the day the human came on scene till (s)he goes
I see them all and I speak to them all

Lurking in their very shadows…
In the shade of harmless mischief….
With my flint and stone tablet
Or my stylus and electronic tablet.