Imagine a human race like me

Imagine a world where everyone was like me…


(I‘d be the one floating on the left.)

There would be no earthquakes because we would all just be featherweights –with very low BMIs –floating on the planet; and there would be nobody throwing his weight around and acting like a bully.
Seriously, I don’t bully people psychologically or otherwise. People may have felt bullied by a normal part of me, but I try to discourage it when I notice it.
Also, there would be no need for parachutes –for same reason as above, Sherlock! Sincerely, he that is “humble” need fear no fall. I don’t shatter when I fall or commit errors or am having a rough life.

We wouldn’t need elevators up skyscrapers because –yes, you are right –I am long. Not just tall.
I really don’t know how to feel inferior. I have this delusion that makes me believe no human being is eternal. We be all mere mortals. Only one ultimate Creator. I really am not moved when a random mortal refuses to acknowledge the fact. “For his/her pocket!” Denying that fact doesn’t place the fellow above me.
So, there would be no bullying or inferiority complex. None to look down your nose at or humiliate and none can feel humiliated.

We would not need microscopes or telescopes because of the bird-eye I have.
And there would be no need for lie-detection. We know the next fellow is a human lie-detector and can see through us. No, that is not why lie-detectors would be useless. It is because we would all be smart enough to know how to keep poker faces –at the least –or throw the next fellow off with a misleading body gesture; and because we know the next fellow is thinking like this, we don’t bother trying to analyse each other. I didn’t mention the machine because the mechanical lie-detectors are way too easy to evade for this race of humans.

We would all just be nervous bunches of people suspicious of each other, not because we are actually evil by nature, but for the inevitably unnerving pupils that I have.


(Left. Tried rolling my eyes a bit so as not to scare you with my direct gaze.)

As a “complement” to my warm personality, my eyes generate atypical reactions from people who gaze into it.

Before I turn in the continuation at my next post, I would love to see links from commenters to their posts on what the world would be like if all humans looked like them physically. Nothing deep or philosophical please. The only exemptions I may possibly permit are Julien (of julienmatei) and Paul (of poesypluspolemics). A world like those two would be simply unimaginable. Hahahahahahaha!!!

Are you game?

53 responses to “Imagine a human race like me

  1. Nothing deep or philosophical? Unfair! While I don’t necessarily claim those traits, I can realistically point out the hypocrisy of your request, Doc, after a post like this! Also, please illuminate how I may reach the level required to enter your sphere of blogs that contain strange shadows. This is an exclusive club, no.

  2. umm… I don’t think the world could handle the pure awesome handsomeness of everyone looking like me… not even I am that conceited.

  3. Tried rolling my eyes a bit so as not to scare you with my direct gaze

    I just loved that. Haha…

  4. well, seeing as how you exempted me, the world is safe – and no one will be rushing off to find a rocket ship escape from too many Paul-like creatures

    • Hahahahaha… Well, I have never thought you completely sane. So I am not surprised at such a comment. But I do really wanna read what you think of yourself. After all, I follow few other blogs close to demonstrating the heavy halo of philosophy and literary knowledge you show in your writings. Some times you lose me, but the little I understand daze me.

  5. Your eye roll is truly inspiring and stuff…

  6. Lol, the Gods Must be Crazy! 🙄
    God does not make carbon copies, u’r the perfect example!
    Each one of us is more than enough to cause damage
    in this space-time continuum. Can you imagine more?
    Why u’ll be crazy brilliant as the lord herself! NO!
    We need diversity to balance out the whacked-out
    writers of the world. That being said… the world would
    be a better place with more people “like” you. Hug☼

    • Maddey, indeed. I was playing around with the idea.
      A jocular but totally true statement about people being more than enough to days damage. Look where we are already.

      The world would crash from the sheer

      P.S. I see you remember the movie.

  7. Shards Of DuBois

    I never realized how googly-eyed you were…creeped me out! lol that said….
    my world would have monkeys swinging from my hair, and children bouncing on my saggy boobs, a virtual trampoline for anyone to do flips off of on my stomach, and of course a nightmarish hike up my giant butt for anyone claiming they’ve mastered Mt. Everest!!! They would definetely need a paraglider to soar down on. Thus my world would be similar to Majic Mountian (or Disneyland) and only for the truly young at heart to attempt! There would be no human race, as there are no race tracks! Only a species of child like newts to enjoy my lumpy world and relate to my childlike mind!!!

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