Song of our season together


I woke up next to you
Golden sun rays shining from your face
Warm my smile
Your hands all over me
Wantingly, wantonly
As though you didn’t think it was too early for foreplay
Meanwhile it was only my cheeks you touched
Today is gonna be a good day I thought
I could get used to everyday being like this

I am not taking off my smile
The light is warm
The atmosphere is romantic
And music is in the air
Talking with you as you possessively hold my arm
As though you didn’t want me to stray from your side at dinner
Meanwhile we were only strolling to work
I am gonna enjoy work today I thought
I could get used to everyday being like this

I am not taking the bus tonight
I am looking forward to crying
Tears of pure ecstasy on my cheeks
As I let you hold me on the way
After you kidnapped the whole world around me
Leaving me alone with you in this vast space
Where nothing else matters
No abyss no ground no other heartbeat
Except mine…

(Back to reality)
As I cry in the lonely memories of you
For you were long gone from my life
And I can only hope to sleep fitfully tonight
And wake up tomorrow
All in memories of you
Like I did this morning
Whilst lying on my bed ALONE




24 responses to “Song of our season together

  1. Doc. Trent bows with deepest respect. Where did this come from??? A couple steps ahead of powerful. If this is current personal experience, oh dear. If it’s not, oh wow.

  2. Pure poetic presence. Left me *speechless* again Doc, this time with delight! Giddiness 😀 ♥Respect dude♥

  3. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Poetry speaks for itself ♥

  4. Deeply good.

  5. That was moving… I loved the part about being alone with someone in a vast space…

  6. Shards Of DuBois

    Oh Doc, I was so in love with the deep joy of this poem…then WHAM…you woke up! lol just crushed my day… now I need another cup of coffee! ;P

  7. Hands move wantingly,wantonly and yet it was just the cheeks that were touched…. my mind cant quite comprehend that. But then, it’s a beautiful story that should be real. Cry no more, keep up smiles for the memories you have to cherish 🙂

    • The imagination of the protagonist was quite strong. Just as he/she (though more likely “she”) totally painted the stroll to work (the next paragraph) in a sweeter light than what it just was, so was the simple touch on the cheeks made to feel like a foreplay. Hence the use of the word wantonly. (The wantingly was a slight mischief on my sounding part.)
      Hehe… thanks, but memories could be as painful as lovely.

  8. Beautiful. Loved reading it. 🙂

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