Simple Ironies -(unedited)

The curse of man


The genius does something retarded
And is impressed at his creativity
Like he was bored with being smart every time
And is happy with a new experience

The two lovers feel they are stronger
After fighting and making up
When they promise to never break up
With the inevitability they will sooner or later

The father looks at son
And is awestruck at how protective he feels
Feeling the same awesome way
When he spanks the lad impatiently

The psychologist who visits another psychologist
And sees herself being analysed by the other
Saying things she knows she could have expressed herself
Without being charged per unit time

Oh! What do we really know about even ourselves
The one minute pontificating about power, love and intellect
The next minute acting like spineless, selfish halfwits
Yet feeling grandiose again before the day is over

P.S.: And this bored lazy writer
Reels simple ideas recklessly out
Yet knowing the distinct appeal
Of sensibly organized poetry form

Writing like nothing in his piece
Even remotely refers to his humanity
Claiming the power of the artist is purely imaginative
Yet knowing the power of art is in soul-ish expression

43 responses to “Simple Ironies -(unedited)

  1. Food for thought Doc, but the writer is so much more lonely than the other vocations that you have mentioned. Does anything in your pieces ever not speak to your humanity? You seem to have an abundance of it. The dichotomies that you mention… I guess this is life. Seems more stark when you see it in poetry form, more clear somehow. I wonder, you know, if you are entirely sane – your pronouncements notwithstanding.

    • I tell you I didn’t respond to your comment immediately, but have thought about it more than twice since you commented.
      And I am still ruminating…
      The writer is the loneliest?!?!?!?!?

      Well, some of my pieces seem just out spurts, but yes, my subconscious is probably all about reaching to some sensibilities in people.

      I tend to agree indeed that well organised poetry doesn’t necessarily have to be cliché or boring. It can actually add a lot of flavour to the content.
      Thanks much, Trent.

      • I honestly don’t love organized poetry. I don’t like contrived writing, stuff that has very deliberately editted until it is spotless. I like a little grunge in my music, too. Anyway Doc, your monkey is apparent in your writing, which is perhaps why I enjoy coming here as much as I do.

        • Different inks for different writers I guess. I have some bloggers who could as well be the banners for traditional form. And some are impressive at it. An instance is Dennis O’Brien. Sometimes, I read some of these “traditionals” and I feel like being very traditional. Otherwise, I tend to enjoy the freedom of form. A little wine in the milk of the teetotaller that I am.

          Nice to know you enjoy here, not just because of some blank sense of obligation.

          • Always here because I like it. I don’t go anywhere out of obligation. Just not enough time for that sort of thing.

            • Hehehe.
              Not to drag this thread into a bore, allow me add that it could be done as part of a clever plan at acquiring/keeping followers. I think that element abounds in different measures in many bloggers. (Err… this is not the part where you ask if I am projecting what’s in my mind onto either bloggers. Hehehehehe. No shrinking the shrink.)

            • Doc, that is probably the most prevalent tactic in the blogging world. I get follows and the like from people who I never ever hear from, and who likely just want me to follow them in return. I think substantial interaction is the only thing that matters, so I’m not interested in stats etc. I don’t follow that many people and really find it disturbing that people are following me as they are. Anyway, there are some obvious examples of people who run around hitting the Like button on everything in the hope of generating return traffic. It’s the apocalypse, I tell ya.

            • Hahahahahahahahah. RollingOnTheFloorLaughingOutLoud.
              I must say I have dipped my hand in that jar more than a couple of times. But, not often enough to have well above 100 followers. Sincerely there are good blogs here and there, but I just don’t have the TIME! Luckily my current cage has all sorts of bloggers -you, shards, LMAO, Paul Lenzi,… at different ends of my cave. I will see how I move from this point.

        • Oh, and of course, you don’t have to sound contrite. I already knew before you started blogging you weren’t into tradition. Hehehehehe.

    • Oh, and indeed I wonder if I am sane. I have been asked once why I pretended to be insane. I smiled at thought. If the fellow had known any better, it would have been otherwise framed.

      • Embrace the madness, Doc. Hug it like a lover. Let it breed, even, until there are spiders on Mars and they all look like David Bowie. Madness is our right. It is our tradition. It is a writing thing at its core. Ideas bottled up and unexpressed lead to insanity, and thus concepts forever buried lead to everlasting loss of perspective and view of the world in which we actually live. But teetering on the edge has its advantages. Tiptoeing next to the monkey cage as the beast’s eyes begin to open – as its hands begin to reach for you – that is a place where we can live and possibly even thrive. Are you sane, Doc? Are you apparently insane? Or are you just a writer, and that’s what it’s all about? There is a journey that we take. It goes around the bend and boards a train headed for mountains. Upon a peak, we look at the world but there is dust in the air and then it is snow, and occasionally it rains so fiercely – and what we see if skewed through the prism of the elements, until it is distorted and apparently unreal. Or is it unreal? What is light? What is vision? What is the concept behind creating words in some order that makes sense only to you? If this is madness, it’s acceptable. If this is insanity, invite it in and have a drink with her, but always be respectful, for she brings many gifts. Many gifts, Doc. They will never make your rich but they will nourish your soul, and that is all that I want in the end. Sustenance for the spirit, for I feel it wane at times as I wade through a cold existence, and this is where the fire burns, in that mad place living at the edge of my vision rather than right in front of my eyes. I hope to see more clearly but I am okay with sinking further into the morass of thoughts that make little sense, of words that possess no commercial appeal or sentiment. Of exploration and denuded dreams, of what is and has always been. We must embrace madness. We must. We owe it to those who are sane. We owe it we who are not.

  2. Nice words as usual, Doc. I loved the contrasts you presented, and there are a whole lot of others, like the single man/woman who gives relationship advices to his/her even after they’ve failed in their own relationship.

    Well, that’s life for you–filled with juxtaposition.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. we will never know ourselves – that’s the job of others

  4. awesome-sausage with extra awesome sauce!

  5. Shards Of DuBois

    form doesn’t matter Doc when you’re ironically ironic! you may reel them out like the swordfish just snagged but the meaning behind the meaning jerks the hook in. With your lively mind I just can’t see you being lonely, but I can see you being the only one who thinks like you do. I love your unique perscpective on life; and wonder if it only comes to you when you’re monkeying around on your rooftop…or do you see far through the haze always finding the light that continually sparkles in your eyes? don’t worry about the form, the light is more important! 🙂

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