What do we know

I assure you, I am not always standing close to the edge, four floors above the ground, sober and contemplative!!!

I assure you, I am not always standing close to the edge, four floors above the ground, sober and contemplative!!!

The mother carrying the pregnancy knows
Through labour’s pains before baby shows
Now the boy glows and grows
Wherever he wants he goes

Like he’s waltzed into earth all on his own

The father who protected him knows
Through childhood’s wells and woes
As the teen mellows and bellows
However he wants he flows

Like he’s become a free human all on his own

We have searched highs and lows
Experienced life’s tops and belows
And all the answer to our throes
We think philosophy bestows

Like we’ve become wisest beings all on our own

BACKGROUND: What really does it mean to be free and independent?
The mother knows there is no way the baby could have survived without a major input from her. The father who tried to give the child as meaningful a childhood as he could has influenced that “independent” adult we see.
To look at it more closely, without an external input, I am not sure we would still be here. We seem to do well on our own, only as well as a foetus could manage without the mother. We seem capable of making messes all by ourselves. Yet, we seem forever intent on more independence, or at least the idea of being totally independent.
Okay, enough sober thought. We do have happy moments in the midst of our changing worlds and shifting tides.
Some wine and honeyed milk, please!!!

10 responses to “What do we know

  1. That was awesome. So much to think about. We are so dependent when we are young. Then we need to break away, with all that turmoil and pain. Then we still want to feel that same closeness. Life ain’t always easy.

    • Hahahaha. Thanks, LMAO.
      A quickie: given your apparent taste in literature, was the compliment s*****e or you were on your game again? Whichever your answer is, I am okay with you. I know what I signed up for with tour package. So you can’t be wrong. Hehehehehe.

  2. Shards Of DuBois

    great stuff Doc! although I seriously believe you are always out there…on the edge…trying to decide wether to jump or not!!! 🙂 Don’t do it…unless you already got your wings!!!

  3. I have a bowl of honeyed milk and a flagon of wine for you here Doc – excellent poem, I felt nostalgic for a time I hardly remember.

  4. yes. life is a continual quest for independence and yet to be come a truly free spirit can be a frughtening experience: we all need, I think, to feel we’re part of a group, family, church, friendship circle

    • I agree with that -in my humble opinion -indispensable perspective of how our essential needs as humans come in. We have found ourselves like this -whether of our own making or not -and there’s probably little we can do to stop certain feelings or actions.
      Err… please note I said certain. We really are responsible for our actions and may justifiably face the negative consequences that come from the wrong choices.
      Thanks, John of Wallah.

  5. We like your style!!! Hope you don’t mind if we drop by from time to time and stay awhile. Peace and blessings. = )

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