Journal of the simple: simple random lessons

Everyday I wake up newborn
Walking out into life’s street
Everywhere a wolf and a thorn
Yet no covering for my feet

I learn to fall
And get a prick here
To experience it all
I also get a wolf-bite there

I chew on the grit and shit
Then re-present to the helpless
Those who are not fit
Being found gut-less

Who stumbled naked into earth
Ill-prepared for this jungle-land
And remained so since birth
So they can in turn understand

I have to teach them how:
-Not to expect thanks for every kind deed
-Not to repay evil for evil or be kind to only friends
-And karma is not the highest or only law
-Not to expect happy faces everywhere
-Not to expect things always go as planned
-Not to expect writing poetry always makes sense
-Not to be discouraged by all the above
-Not to expect life will always be complicated
-Not to rely on themselves apart from their Maker

Uninitiated into gangs out there
I have to do these as a child
And though wolf-thugs instill fear
I have my Maker as a guide

18 responses to “Journal of the simple: simple random lessons

    • Amen, Paul. Amen indeed.
      Thanks for the prayer. Acknowledged.
      Err… Is this the part where I return a prayer for your prayer -like I talked about in my post? Hehehe! Nutty spiritual-human that I am. Should know better than pulling tender-strong-old-vibrant Paul’s leg!

  1. Shards Of DuBois

    chomp chomp! nice one Doc!

  2. Shards Of DuBois

    oops…lol I forgot to add….are you barefoot and pregnant? lmao

  3. Brilliant and inspirational, nicely heartfelt doc. I love that you wake up everyday seeing thru the eyes of a newborn. The world is a fresh and exciting place to be, and naughty wolves enhance the experience. ☼

    • Glad you liked it, Maddey!
      Very much like you to add some crazy/witty touch. Yes, Maddey, wolves do spice up the experience. Sadly, they do. Life is no place for naked spineless simple ones, sadly. Predators of every category litter the jungle -human and non-human, to beliefs and false teachings, etc.

      You haven’t been very much around lately, Maddey.

      • Heaven is boooring, give me a taste of hell any day! Truth is for this human experience to be complete, we need every possible condition and every variety of human… the good, bad and ugly. Now that’s my definition of real heaven – just the way everything plays out right now. You, me, cyber-reality wordpress, the “world” and all the lunatics we call friend! Can I get a hallelujah brother!! AMEN ♥☼♥

        • Maddey, when did you visit a boring heaven -or how can you speak so confidently about it???? lolllll!
          Hmmmmm! I tell ye, Mad Ms., same thoughts were running through my sane mind about 2 days ago -how that all sorts of humans make up the mix.
          Well, there are different classes of lunatics. You definitely are beyond high school. Let’s say you are in college already. Lucky to have you as a loo(n)(p)y friend!
          I am not sure about being your brother, coz word is your kind of insanity could run in the blood! hehehheheheh!!!!!!!!

          • LOL, brother are you still denying your blessed insanity? Trust me, you wouldn’t be a poet otherwise! And you are certainly “above the fray”… or “beyond the fringe” of normalcy. You have God to thank for that! ♥ It’s great to be back with my fellow provocateurs. Yahooooos 🙂

            • O my! The Maddey got me laughing!!! Yes I am denying my insanity because I was wrongly accused.
              Anyways, glad I have turned out this way -for SOME parts.
              Yes Madeline, you have been far away for too long. Perchance you have come down with that terrible flu called “writer’s block”, or you just been terribly busy?
              Come back soon, Earthean.

  4. Wow I love your poems! Very inspirational and soothing.

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