Journal of the Simple: life on loan

Let’s put time to sleep
We are tired of being stood up

Tomorrow will come
A day we haven’t fret over
Could we have
How much does WORRY go for
In the market these days
I can’t afford it
I have barely enough
To afford a simple life
A life that doesn’t even belong to me
Yet I live it somehow
A life taken out on a loan
Please, put those fires out
Before they burn the terms of agreement
And all I will have is quit notice
Drafted in form of a suicide note
Because life’s troubles came knocking
And I had nothing to show them
So douse the flames –
The passion to give in to all my basest instincts
The danger of many philosophies out there
The desire to do just as I wish every time

Remember I am a loan not a mint
Not even the bureau whose job it is to worry
Enjoy all the Life-Giver affords me
Live according to the agreed terms

12 responses to “Journal of the Simple: life on loan

  1. unfetteredbs

    Good read to start my day. Nicely done.

  2. The interest rate is fairly high on these loans

  3. Shards Of DuBois

    don’t forget about paying the interest!!! 🙂 nice one Doc!

  4. Life is easy – don’t make it difficult! We’re already in paradise, you, me, and the freedom to write whatever your imagination allows. Free your mind, every possibility is available to us, we are the creators of this universe! ☼

    • I do agree with you Maddey, to a good degree.
      It’s just that we love the pain of needless burdens -maybe we need it to remind ourselves that we feel alive or sth, or we do it as a result of misconceptions we grew up with. So we just drag on, revelling in the throes of it all, feeling oddly at ease.

      With you @living free.
      Of course, NEVER for a moment forgetting that we were bought with a price!!!!!!!!!!!! And we ain’t the prime player in the market!
      Thanks much, Maddey. (Oh dear, I must have mutilated your name a gazillion times!)

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