What Do I Know

What do I know of sadness
The tears of a life’s endless troubles
The separation from a loved one
The perpetual state of a rejected soul
When I was conceived only 9 months ago
And have only learnt to write

What do I know of happiness
The hearty laughter over a good meal
The joy of having one’s many sins forgiven
The excitement over a huge jackpot
After all, I was only born yesterday
And being taught how to write

What do I know of hate
The irritation with which I kill a fly
The insensitivity of a passionate murderer
The repulsion I feel for the baby I act like
Was it not only yesterday I came alive
Was it not only writing I was taught

What do I know of love
The unwritten care of father for son
The burning euphoria of frank orgasm
The insane bond between The Maker and men
After all, today is my second day on earth
And learning to write is all I am doing

16 responses to “What Do I Know

  1. Shards Of DuBois

    you big baby! hahaha

  2. what do I know – the question of philosophers throughout time

    • I am definitely sounding cliche to someone as knowledgeable as you by saying: the more we know, the more we realize that we don’t know.
      But, again, I could be wrong (in claiming to sound cliche). What do I know about P.F. Lenzi?!

  3. Fantastic poem…I can wholly relate with it from the inside…

  4. First “yesterday” I began to talk , as it was not me uttering these words before…

    After all, today is both my first and second day
    And like you.
    Learning to write is all I am doing…

  5. Hey Doc, remember we were all born innocent. Your virginity isn’t worth much without the trials and tribulations of life. After all, what else are you gonna write about? Everything is necessary and nothing is wasted in life, ain’t life grand?

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